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Positive at Covid, Mario Draghi. The news rained in Easter MondayMonday, April 18, forcing the premier to skip his tour of Africa in search of commercial agreements for the supply of gas. The urgency, now, will be up to the ministers Luigi Di Maio And Stefano Cingolanirespectively holders of the Foreign Affairs Department and the Ecological Transition Department.

According to what has been learned, the prime minister is positive for coronavirus but asymptomatic, the positivity was revealed with the ritual swabs he undergoes as prime minister. And about how much it may have affected Draghi now, the virologist says about him Fabrizio Pregliasco.

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Guest to A sheep’s daythe program broadcast on Rai Radio 1, Pregliasco – Direct health care of the Irccs Galeazzi Orthopedic Institute of Milan – stated: “It is likely that Draghi took Omicron 3. Now he has at least seven days of isolation and I would advise him to take anti-inflammatories twice a day, even if he is asymptomatic. The vaccine is effective on severe forms while the coverage has some reduction over the months so that even healing does not guarantee protection for life “, said the expert.

As mentioned, now the tour in Africa is up to Di Maio and Cingolani, who for the question of energy supply they will visit Angola and Congo, all in two days. The meetings follow those held by Draghi himself in Algeria on 11 April.

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