The cowgirl style is the new fashion trend if we believe Magot Robbie or Kendall Jenner

“I love cowboys”. The French is approximate but the message is clear. Passing through Wyoming, Kendall Jenner decided to set country time. To attend a rodeo, here she is wearing this message on a white tank top, written with a font reminiscent of tshirts “I love Dior” of the 2000s. Since, obviously, a perfect cowgirl must wear denim, she matches everything with a denim mini-skirt. Just like that, in one outfit, the most fashionable of the Kardashians makes us want to launch a Shania Twain record and go to the Great West.

The cool girls have decided to bring an American wind to our wardrobes. A few weeks earlier, the Internet had ignited around a snapshot of Margot Robbie during filming “Barbie”, one of the most anticipated feature films of the moment. Outdoor scenes were the occasion for a first glimpse of the actress in the role of the famous doll… and the looks imagined for the occasion! Since we saw the star and the one chosen to play Ken, Ryan Gosling, in matching cowboy looks, we want more than ever to adopt a country look !

How to adopt the cowgirl look?

To do so, no need to unsheath the full uniform! the cowgirl look is based on a few key pieces that can easily be matched to your everyday style. The best ? They pair beautifully with any Y2K accented outfit to feel like in “Coyote Girls”. A trendy style combo. For this, we start by bringing denim or leather pieces embellished with fringes. If at the base, the latter were used to hang his game during the hunt (chic), now they decorate jackets and flared pants.

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Other essential parts: the cowboy boots! The official shoes of the cowboy became that of the summer. If in festivals (like at Coachella), they now rule the roost, we also see them walking the sidewalks of cities, especially worn with very girly dresses or denim shorts to offer a resolutely cool look!

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But obviously, the essential accessory remains the cowboy hat. And if you think it’s impossible to wear it out of costume party context, think again! Admittedly, the night is still the best time to take it out, but this time as the finishing touch on a party-girl look. We don’t hesitate either, like Bella Hadid, to choose it to go to the beach. The straw versions are therefore the easiest to wear but nothing prevents them from being much more first degree. Do we even hesitate to subscribe to the Vélib for the benefit of the horse? Absolutely !

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