The crazy photo of The Rock, “ridiculous” next to a monster of 2.36m and 170 kilos!

A veritable mountain of muscle, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is one of the most impressive men on the planet. However, the star of Fast and Furious was surprised to meet a real colossus, listed in the Guinness World Records, next to which he seems tiny…

1m96 under the fathom and nearly 120 kilos on the scale: no doubt, Dwayne Johnson is a physical monster. Already honed during his illustrious WWE career, the California native has taken his muscles up a notch since his time in Hollywood as an action star. Today, at more than 50 years old, he simply appears in the shape of his life:

The Rock very small next to a brute of 2m36 and 170kg

Everywhere in your daily life, in transport, at the supermarket or elsewhere, the mere sight of Dwayne Johnson would leave you speechless as he imposes himself. But in 2014, when The Rock crossed paths with a certain Sun Mingming, the situation was very, very different… The proof below with the photo, relayed at the time by the People’s Champion and which had generated a huge buzz on social networks:


Suddenly, the meter 96 and the 120 kilos of Rocky seem very ridiculous. It must be said that Sun Mingming holds the crazy distinction of greatest basketball player in history, and was measured by the Guinness World Record as culminating at 2m36 for 167 kilos! Aged 38 today, the Chinese played professionally as a pivot between 2006 and 2014, the time, in particular, to amass 2 CBA champion titles.

Rest assured: like his compatriot Yao Ming, Sun Mingming is a heart of gold in a colossal body. Dwayne Johnson has also indicated that the meeting went very well with the giant, and that the latter, in addition to being a renowned basketball player, is also very successful in golf in private. Definitely, the guy is full of surprises!

Accustomed to physically dominating others head and shoulders wherever he goes, The Rock must have been very surprised to come across such a giant. While waiting, perhaps, to find it in a Hollywood production soon?

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