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Anya Reiss and Alicia Von Rittberg, creator and star of ‘Becoming Elizabeth’, talk about the impact the series on Queen Elizabeth I had on their lives.

“I’m not the smartest person in the room”, declared Anya Reiss, one of the most acclaimed young playwrights in the United Kingdom, in an interview for Sensacine México. The writer is in charge of the project of Becoming Elizabeth for StarzPlay, a new historical drama about the Tudors, the Welsh-English family that ruled England from 1485 to 1603, premiering on June 12.

In this new production of the StarzPlay streaming service, the life of Queen Elizabeth I is narrated long before she became an icon in history. After the death of her father, Henry VIII of England, the young woman finds herself at a crossroads and hundreds of voices that discredit her power of decision.

‘Becoming Elizabeth’, available on StarzPlay from June 12.

The first episodes of Becoming Elizabeth completely hooked, the result is a new approach to the world of Isabel, something that had not been seen before on the small screen. Reiss ventured to go further back than other international titles dared (one of them with Cate Blanchett).

It is probably the courage that has always characterized the creator, who proposed an episode of EastEnders (iconic BBC series) about sexual assaultwhich led her to make the creative decision mentioned in the previous paragraph. Becoming Elizabeth It meant reconnecting with an old wound from adolescence: “At 14 I realized that I was not the smartest person in the room…”

I think that was the lesson that I wanted to convey with her and with this series, to learn those strong things about who she is. I guess I did resonate with the character [Isabel I]but only because I used myself in the process.

For the protagonist Alicia Von Rittberg, the experience of resonating with Elizabeth I was more physical. Also in an interview for Sensacine Mexico, the actress (iron hearts) confessed that he stayed on paper for two months longer than his contract and the production required.

“I think you become that person, you move and you live that life, basically”Rittberg explained. The production of Becoming Elizabeth it took a whole year, according to the accounts of the star of the series and, with everything and that the wrap upwas still felt in the skin of the character.

Alicia Von Rittberg assured that she remained on paper for more than two months after finishing the recordings of ‘Becoming Elizabeth’.

I dyed my hair red for the character, kept it that way for two months until I was like, ‘Well, I guess this isn’t me.’ It’s just that it’s hard to let go and, with the hair, it literally came out of me. [comenzó a crecer con su color natural]. But with such a rich and complex character, there will always be something he wants to explore.

StarzPlay has become one of the most diverse digital services in the already highly publicized streaming war. In its catalog you can find high-impact productions such as Señorita 89, with the Mexican Ilse Salas; Gaslit, with the award-winning Julia Roberts; and The Great, which secured its second season shortly after its 2020 premiere. For its part, Becoming Elizabeth premieres this June 12 and you can see it exclusively through StarzPlay.

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