The credit that Beyoncé gave to many artists on her “Renaissance” project is debated

Questlove defends Beyoncé in the face of Diane Warren and some industry players who believe that there is no need to credit so many artists on an album.

Is it relevant to credit more than one person on a single title?

The songwriter Diane Warren had launched on Twitter the controversy over the importance of crediting 24 writers on one piece. This concern is related to the album “Rebirth” of Beyonce which has a long list of recognized contributors.

To answer, The-Dream evokes black artists in the past who credited themselves. The impossibility of collaborating obliged them to exploit their own music. To that, warren reiterates that she speaks loudly about her experience in the industry.

quest love joined in the debate citing the case “Bluerred Line” who went to court Pharrell William and Robin Thicke. This action which was for the estate of Marvin Gaye saw these artists lose the legal battle.

He declares : “In these post-Blurred Lines moments, you’re going to see a lot of that. In fact, I applaud her for giving these people a place at the table that would otherwise NEVER have been considered…”.

A user addressing Quest let it be known that Bey should add more names to his list. He reacts : ” Yes. Unfortunately, the burden of industry rules shouldn’t rest on Bey’s shoulder… I understand your point, but both of these issues existed long before Bey arrived”.

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