The Crown 6: Recapture Lady Diana’s grandeur: Mario Testino’s photos recreated in the series

picture taker mario testino Was responsible for the final official images of lady diana For Vanity Fair, a session that is still mesmerizing the public.

famous meeting between Princess Diana And the Peruvian photographer’s lens mario testino for the magazine Vanity Fair In 1997, just before its fatal outcome, it was resurrected thanks to a shocking recreation. recently, Netflix has released images of this reinterpretation starring the talented Elizabeth Debicki To promote the final season of the acclaimed series Crownwhich describes the events that defined the reign isabel ii,

Original photographs adorned its walls Mario Testino Museum ,partner) for eight years, alongside other iconic works from the renowned photographer who has immortalized models such as Kate Moss, Gisele Bündchen, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, as well as stars such as Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber.

In a room dedicated to the remembered lady dianapictures of people’s princess they were a major attraction partner, Testino These photographs were taken on the occasion of suit auction organized by Diana in collaboration with christie’s, The room also displayed a replica of one of the auctioned dresses donated to the museum by Donatella Versace, as well as furniture specially designed for the exhibition of photographs at Kensington Palace in 2005.

Actress Elizabeth Debic recreates Mario Testino’s photo shoot for ‘The Crown’.Source: Netflix

Actress Elizabeth Debic recreates Mario Testino’s photo shoot for ‘The Crown’.Source: Netflix

Diana’s latest official photos

Just a month after his tragic departure, Princess Diana She graced the cover of a special issue of Vanity Fair in July 1997. These photos became the latest official images Dianais gaining a special meaning by highlighting her attempt to rebuild her life after a divorce from prince carlos,

own mario testino He shared some anecdotes from the session on social media, revealing his desire to capture Diana In a more casual way, like in the moments after a party. With natural light caressing your face, Diana She showed herself in an unprecedented light: carefree, happy and spontaneous, abandoning the formal role she then played as wife. prince of wales,

“I wanted something like that moment after a party, when everyone takes off their shoes and casually comments on how the event was. She laughed because it wasn’t part of her body language. But slowly, like -As we hung out, “The results were exactly what I was looking for.”

What did Diana say? Vanity Fair,

in interview with Vanity Fair, Diana addressed his struggles with carlos and their disagreements queen isabel ii, She highlighted her desire to free herself from royal bonds, symbolized by the auction of dresses she wore as a princess. She expressed her joy in helping the vulnerable, saying, “Now nothing makes me happier than loving and helping.”

Elizabeth Debicki as Diana of Wales

Elizabeth Debicki A poignant portrayal of Lady Diana. Your images for the series Crown They don’t just pay tribute to people’s princess, but they also capture the unique essence of the original season. The series offers a poignant perspective of the princess who continues to captivate the world, despite her ambitions being cut short by a tragic fate in August 1997. Entertainment, done with sensitivity and respect, allows us to relive the story of a woman in search of freedom and happiness.

The task of recreating these iconic images was entrusted to a talented photographer Charlotte HaydenAnd now they decorate the apartment Diana At Kensington Palace, meticulously rebuilt for the series. hayden Sharing his perspective, he explained, “We tried to find a balance between being guided by our own interpretation and making sure it was still recognizable as Testino’s iconic session.”

work with Debicki was according to hayden, a real pleasure. “I had photographed her several times before, which helped build trust and mutual appreciation for our work. Elizabeth is incredibly emblematic of Diana, it was a surreal and emotional experience. I wanted her to decide that How to portray Diana, and I captured it in the most authentic way possible.”

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