the crypto returns to 45,000 dollars


And so, Bitcoin raise your head: la cryptocurrency returns for the first time, in about ten days now, to touch the quota of 45,000 dollars. At the time this article is written and published it is at $ 44,926 (source CoinDesk).

BTC at $ 45,000, hadn’t happened since September 8

To break down the price In the last period of the asset has contributed, among other things, the ban imposed by China, with the Beijing government which has substantially stopped all activities related to the circulation and trading of crypto. However, there was not the much feared traumatic fall and the expected recovery soon came to manifest itself. In the graph below it is possible to appreciate the variation recorded by BTC over the past month.

The value of Bitcoin and its variation in the last month (01/10/2021)

Below, however, the trend in the last 24 hours.


The value of Bitcoin and its variation in the last 24 hours (01/10/2021)

The forecasts short-term programs formulated by analysts, at least with a certain bias towards optimism, hypothesize further growth up to a quota between 50,000 and 53,000 dollars, thus bringing Bitcoin back to where it was in the first week of September. Then there are those who went further by risking $ 100,000 by the end of the year, but that’s another story.

The discussions regarding the environmental sustainability. Recall that to power the decentralized network (blockchain) necessary to validate BTC transactions, approximately 91 TWh are needed every year, the same amount of energy that is needed to meet the entire national needs of a country like Pakistan.


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