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The international solidarity that Cuba receives after the incident in Matanzas is a harvest of the great example that the country has sown in the service of brother peoples.

However, in the context of the sincere offers, and despite the pain of the relatives of the disappeared and the risk to which those on the front line who try to calm the fire are subjected, the campaigns to insufflate hatred and discredit do not cease.

Despite the affirmation that the Cuban government has not rejected any international aid, the island’s enemies have insisted on making believe that the archipelago did not accept the collaboration of the United States.

The Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cuba, Carlos Fernández de Cossío, reaffirmed on Twitter that the Government of the United States offered condolences since Saturday, August 6 at noon, through the State Department.

Cuba thanked “directly and publicly” the US gesture, the diplomat emphasized, and specified that “technical advice was offered, which we also thanked and accepted.”

There is frequent communication between the two governments, he said, and concluded: “There is too much speculation.”

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