“The Cucu Chronicles”: a family comedy about the search for the “American dream”

Cucu Castelli, a 12-year-old girl, and her eccentric family have to discover and define their own version of the “American dream”. (HBOMax)

East June 23 comes to the service hbomax, The Chronicles of Cuckoo (Chubby Chronicles)a new family series centered on a headstrong 12-year-old Dominican girl who, while her family pursues the American dream by moving to the United States in the 1980s, struggles to fit in with the hedonistic and materialistic Miami of that time.

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Its synopsis tells us that, one day in 1985, Cucu Chubby girl Castelli has just said goodbye to all his friends and family in Santo Domingo because he is moving to Miami with his father, Víctor, a marketing executive, his bold and vivacious mother, Adela, and his older sister, Emilia, a girl obsessed with glitter. world of “social status”. Although life in the ruling country of America is far from what they imagined, the Castellis are more than determined to take charge of their strange new world, since the dreamy parents of the girls wanted to give their daughters the life they wanted. they went looking.

The Miami of the 80s that Cucu knew.  (HBOMax)
The Miami of the 80s that Cucu knew. (HBOMax)

The official trailer for The Chronicles of Cuckoo It initially shows when the parents of the cinnamon-skinned girl say goodbye to their friends in the Dominican Republic in the middle of a large gathering between relatives and close friends, saying in gratitude that Santo Domingo will always be their home. Then she can see Cucu’s mother excited, expressing that in a few days they will have a beautiful new house in Miami.

Later, it can be seen amusingly when they arrive in the big city, as they are standing in front of a street, with expressions of being in shock and Cucu’s sister says: “If we don’t go home I will die or I will run away”, while Cucu adds: “ The song says beautiful America, I think it was false advertising. So, his father asks them to give the famous country a chance. Then, a thousand and one adventures happen to Cucu and his family, while they try to get ahead with everything that comes with being immigrants, and especially Latinos in that place.

Cucu and his first sight of the United States in "The Chronicles of Cuckoo".  (HBOMax)
Cucu and his first view of the United States in “Cucu’s Chronicles”. (HBOMax)

Eva Longoria directed the pilot episode and is the executive producer for Unbelievable Entertainment. Secondly, Claudia Forestieri has written the pilot and will also be an executive producer; while Zoe Saldana (Avatar), Mariel Saldana Y Cisely Saldana are executive producers for Cinestar Pictures.

Its main cast is made up of Olivia Gonçalves as Charlotte Cuckoo CastelliDiana Maria Riva is AdeleJuan Javier Cardenas is Victor Castelli and Savannah Nicole Ruiz plays Emily.

The great schools of Miami in the 1980s, in "The Chronicles of Cuckoo".  (HBOMax)
The great schools of Miami in the 80’s, in “Cucu’s Chronicles”. (HBOMax)

The Chronicles of Cuckoo is a series focused on family, opportunities and the challenge that must be faced when deciding to go in search of the “American dream”.

Remember, you can see it on the streaming platform from June 23.


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