The cult film tonight on TV: “Twilight” Wednesday 13 October 2021


The cult film tonight on TV: “Twilight” Wednesday 13 October 2021 at 21:10 on La 5 (Canale 30)

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Twilight is a 2008 film directed by Catherine Hardwicke with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson and written by Melissa Rosenberg, a film adaptation of the 2005 novel of the same name by Stephenie Meyer.

The film stars Kristen Stewart as a teenager who falls in love with a vampire played by Robert Pattinson. The project was pending for three years before Summit Entertainment secured the rights and put it into production. The book was adapted for the screen by Melissa Rosenberg in the fall of 2007 and finished shortly before the start of the 2007/2008 writers’ strike. The film was primarily shot in Oregon and Washington State between the winter of 2007 and the spring of 2008.

The film was released in Italy on November 21, 2008, simultaneously with the United States. An Italian preview of the film (about 15 minutes of the film) was screened on 30 October 2008 during the 2008 International Rome Film Festival. Twilight took fourteenth place in the highest grossing on the first day of screening. The film grossed over $ 393.6 million internationally.

“When you can live forever, what do you really live for?”
(Movie tagline)

Bella Swan is a seventeen-year-old girl who moves from the hot city of Phoenix to the small and rainy town of Forks, Washington, to live with her father and to let her mother follow her new partner, a baseball player. Serie B, in away matches.
Bella imagines everything except that her life is about to take an unexpected and deadly dangerous turn.

At school, everyone is happy with the arrival of the new student and many boys are starting to flirt with her. Meanwhile, Bella befriends two peers, Jessica Stanley and Angela Weber.
During the first day of school, Bella is intrigued by a group of brothers and sisters, the Cullens, namely Rosalie, Jasper, Emmett and Alice, who always sit on the sidelines and attract everyone’s attention, being beautiful in appearance. Bella is drawn to the youngest and most charming of the brothers, Edward Cullen.

Something about Bella initially forces Edward to stay away from her and later to approach her. Thus begins, between the two, a suspicious friendship that soon turns into an overwhelming and irresistible attraction.

During a trip to the beach, Bella talks to her childhood friend Jacob Blake and learns of an ancient legend: the existence of werewolves and vampires, enemies for centuries.

One day, Bella risks being killed by a speeding car, which Edward stops with the strength of his hands. The girl thus begins to suspect that Edward is a supernatural creature, being endowed with exceptional strength and speed; moreover, his eyes change color and his skin is always cold as ice. By carrying out a series of research, Bella realizes that Edward could be a vampire.
During a thrilling revelatory encounter, Edward confirms Bella’s assumptions and the two mutually declare each other; the young vampire confesses to having waited for her for a long time and involves the girl in his life, bringing her to know her family and reassuring the girl that the Cullens do not feed on human prey but on animals, thus defining themselves as “vegetarians”.

Despite the obstacles and the diversity of their natures, the two young people continue to date, but Bella’s life is in grave danger when three nomadic vampires arrive in the city: Laurent, James and Victoria (the latter two are companions) who have kept the nature of hunters of human beings. In particular, James remains obsessed with Bella, so much so that he expects to kill her at all costs, thus triggering the reaction of the entire Cullen family and especially of Edward, who sees in the human girl his soul mate.

James begins the hunt; the Cullens try to confuse him, while Alice and Jasper try to get Bella as far as possible, so that the girl’s scent can no longer be followed.
With a trick, however, James lures Bella into her old dance school and, after trapping her, bites her on the arm, infecting her. Luckily Edward joins the two and starts fighting James. Shortly thereafter, the other Cullens arrive, killing the nomadic vampire in the only way possible, which is by cutting him to pieces and burning him.
Bella is agonized and delirious from James’s bite, so Carlisle asks her adopted son to suck the poison out of Bella’s body, but Edward is afraid of losing control and killing the girl. Despite her fears, Edward eventually attempts the feat by doing it successfully, so Bella doesn’t risk becoming a vampire, even though her wish was to become one so that she could stay with Edward forever.

Recovering from her injury, Bella participates with Edward at the prom, where she pleads with him to transform her into a vampire to live eternity together. Edward manages to dissuade her, convincing her to settle for a simple happy life together.
The film ends with a romantic dance between the two, under Victoria’s eager gaze.


The Cullens

  • Robert Pattinson is Edward Cullen, a 90-year-old vampire who quit at the age of seventeen. Like all vampires in the film, she is very strong and fast and has the power to read minds, except Bella’s. Adopted son of doctor and Mrs. Cullen, he falls in love with Bella Swan, a human whom he cannot resist for the desire that keeps him tied to her in a double thread: the thirst for her blood and the love he feels.
  • Peter Facinelli is Carlisle Cullen a 400-year-old vampire. Carlisle is the father figure of the family, having transformed both his wife Esme and Edward into vampires, saving them from death. It will also transform Rosalie and Emmett. He is a doctor and works in the local Forks hospital. The philosophy he chooses is not to kill human beings to feed themselves, but only animals, making family members follow the same path. In fact, the Cullens define themselves “vegetarians”Because of their lifestyle.
  • Elizabeth Reaser is Esme Cullen, Carlisle’s wife and mother figure of the family.
  • Ashley Greene is Alice Cullen, a vampire who can predict the future, at least until decisions are changed. She is the companion of Jasper Hale, both of Dr. Cullen’s adopted children and a lady, and becomes very close friends with Bella.
  • Jackson Rathbone is Jasper Hale, another member of the Cullen family. Having recently approached the family way of life, he still finds it a bit difficult to manage his thirst for human blood. He has the ability to control the emotions of those around him.
  • Nikki Reed is Rosalie Hale, another vampire adopted by the family. She is defined as the most beautiful woman and behaves hostile towards Bella because she is envious of her status as a human.
  • Kellan Lutz is Emmett Cullen, the strongest vampire in the family, also the adopted son of Dr. Cullen. He is Rosalie’s husband.

The Humans

  • Kristen Stewart is Bella Swan, a 17-year-old who moves to live with her father in Forks, Washington. Bella hails from Phoenix. Start attendinghigh school local and runs into the Cullens, becoming romantically involved with Edward.
  • Billy Burke is Charlie Swan, Bella’s father is the local police sheriff.
  • Sarah Clarke is Renée Dwyer, Bella’s mother who remains to live in Arizona, with her new partner Phil.
  • Matt Bushell is Phil Dwyer, Renée’s new partner.
  • Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black, 16, is an old childhood friend of Bella and a member of the Quileute Indian tribe. It is he who teaches Bella the history of the Cullen family and its true origins.
  • Gil Birmingham is Billy Black, Jacob’s father and a great friend of Charlie.
  • Solomon Trimble is Sam Uley, a member of the Quileute Indian tribe.
  • Christian Serratos is Angela Weber, one of Bella’s classmates.
  • Michael Welch is Mike Newton, Bella’s schoolmate, secretly in love with her.
  • Anna Kendrick is Jessica Stanley, Bella’s friend and schoolmate.
  • Gregory Tyree Boyce is Tyler Crowley, another Bella’s schoolmate. He will risk killing Bella with an accident with his fuorgone. This event will trigger the reaction of Edward who, to protect Bella from death, will expose himself revealing in part her true nature.
  • Justin Chon is Eric Yorkie, Bella’s schoolmate.
  • Ned Bellamy is Waylon Forge, a friend of Charlie. He will be killed by nomadic vampires. His character does not appear in the book.
  • José Zúñiga is Mr. Molina, Bella and Edward’s biology teacher. In the book, his character is called Mr. Banner.
  • Stephenie Meyer has a cameo in the film, playing a customer at the bar where Charlie and Bella are having lunch during the first scenes of the film.

The nomads

  • Cam Gigandet as James, a member of a trio of nomadic vampires who bump into the Cullen family during an outdoor baseball game. Being an excellent and vengeful hound, he recognizes Bella as an excellent hunt.
  • Rachelle Lefèvre (later in Eclipse, Bryce Dallas Howard) is Victoria, James’s partner. It has the ability to disperse its tracks.
  • Edi Gathegi is Laurent, the most civilized member of the trio. He will warn the Cullens of James’s determination and will not take part in the hunt for Bella, abandoning the group. He will then appear in New Moon where, at Victoria’s request, he attempts to kill Bella but is eliminated from the werewolf pack.

Directed by Catherine Hardwicke

With Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson



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