The cultural choices of the “Point” – Dancing with Beyoncé or reading an Afghan poet?

Six years after the splendid Lemonadean album about resilience to infidelity, Beyoncé has finally unveiled her highly anticipated seventh album Renaissance, fueled by the pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement (which had already inspired the song “Black Parade”). Finely inspired by the return to vogue of voguing and dance in the 1990s, the 40-year-old Texan, wife of Jay-Z and world superstar with 185.5 million albums sold (she is one of the most powerful women of the world), has desires for joy, lightness and sensuality. A tribute to queer ballroom music, this disc, where rap, R&B, techno, funk, disco coexist with incredible fluidity, is dedicated to his uncle Johnny, gay, now deceased from HIV, and n inspires strength and self-confidence. Irresistibly dancing, these sixteen hits are so many invitations to join the diva and her band (Pharrell Williams, Grace Jones, Drake, Jay-Z, Raphael Saadiq, Skrillex, Honey Dijon…) on the dance floor. On “Summer Renaissance,” she even invokes “I Feel Love” by Donna Summer and Nile Rodgers on “Cuff It”. Our turn to shake our “Bootylicious”.

Renaissance (Sony)

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Read an Afghan poet

“Drunk, I will start singing again / I am not the weak willow / Which trembles in all the winds / I am Afghan, it is therefore legitimate / That I constantly speak in cries”, wrote Nadia Anjuman (1980-2005) , died under the blows of her husband, for having dared to write poetry under the Taliban regime, where it was published clandestinely, and later posthumously. Atiq Rahimi dedicated his novel to him Syngue Sabourand it is he who prefaces this anthology entitled, like the poem above, The Cry of Afghan Women. In the Persian word faghân (shouts) is indeed the word afghan. This bilingual collection brings together 41 voices of poetesses who form a magnificent and poignant choir. They have been collected, translated and presented by Leili Anvar, the one who delighted us with her previous translations from Persian, Leyli and Majnun in particular (ed. Diane de Selliers) and walked in the footsteps of her predecessor Massoud Mirshahi, author of a founding anthology of the poetesses of this Afghanistan which is on the cover of the Point this week: “Make your lips rain on the continuous surface of my body so that I become pregnant with the rage to write”, we also read, in these crazy love poems, thus under the pen of Karima Chabrang who signs “The Prophets of Desire”.

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The Cry of Afghan Women, ed. Bruno Doucey, 224 pages, 20 euros.

Learn special effects with George Lucas

“Films are special effects. Always”… These words, the first you will hear while watching this magnificent six-episode documentary series, are those of George Lucas. The bearded demiurge evokes pell-mell the first experiments of Méliès, King KongRay Harryhausen, 2001, a space odyssey… So many pioneering film prodigies who have systematically attracted crowds to the cinema. Credit where credit is due: creator in 1975 of the mythical company Industrial Light and Magic (ILM), in order to manufacture from scratch a technology that did not even exist to achieve its first Star WarsLucas is logically at the heart of Light and Magic, a behind-the-scenes production of this invention. ILM, therefore, still to this day world leader in special effects for cinema and television. Originally made up of a few hairy geeks and stoners, brought together by visual effects manager John Dykstra in a seedy Los Angeles hangar, the company would experience a meteoric rise after the triumph of Star Wars. And hone your skills with each new project.

The Empire Strikes Back, The Raiders of the Lost Ark, AND, Back to the future, Ghostbusters, Abyss, Terminator 2, Jurassic Park, Iron Man,The Mandalorian… ILM and its magicians, constantly spurred on by the demands of Lucas, but also other visionary filmmakers like Spielberg, Zemeckis or Cameron, will revolutionize the 7e art by regular technological big bangs and in particular the decisive turn of computer-generated images at the dawn of the 1990s. Beyond the countless anecdotes of making-of which will delight amateurs, the great merit of Light and Magic is also to reveal to us, on the garden side, the soul of these great mages of the shadows: John Dykstra, Dennis Muren, Phil Tippett, Ken Ralston, Richard Edlund, Jean Bolt, Ellen Poon… skin, doubts, but also the indestructible capacity for wonder of each other radiates throughout the story and gives a sometimes overwhelming human dimension to these six episodes directed by Lawrence Kasdan. Accessible to the layman, as funny as it is poignant and full of rare or unpublished archive images, Light and Magic stands out as an instant must-have of the genre.

Light and Magic6 x 52 min series directed by Lawrence Kasdan, available on Disney+.

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Rediscover the School of Paris at the museum of… Céret

Céret, in the heart of the Pyrénées-Orientales, Céret celebrated by so many artists, including Picasso and Braque, ardent center of Cubism, saw the birth in 1950 of a museum, in a former Carmelite convent, which has since continued to grow and embellish: its last beauty treatment dates back to the spring, the building has been extended with a new wing and has been strongly endowed with a new graphic identity signed Philippe Apeloig. The ground floor is dedicated to modern art, and the first floor to contemporary art, under the more than convincing gaze of Alain Clément. The clear course lets the colors burst, and it is also on the first floor that the temporary exhibition organized with the Center Pompidou on “The School of Paris (1900-1939) opened at the beginning of July. : Chagall, Modigliani, Soutine et Cie”, a remarkable collection of works (painting, sculpture, photography) from everywhere. From Paris, these artists will make a cosmopolitan capital of art. And a real “school” thus spotted by the critic André Warnod in 1925, from La Ruche, haven of Chagall, to the Eiffel Tower seen by the Hungarian photographer André Kertész, passing by Foujita’s Montparnasse. In this period when migrations exacerbate tensions, it is striking to remember what the French capital and the history of art brought to the female portraits of van Dongen, Modigliani, the cubist paintings of Juan Grey. And, perhaps less known, the astonishing works of Mané-Katz on the life of the Jews. We cannot help noting that this artist came from Ukraine, just like a certain Sonia Delaunay… And what the title of the exhibition promises is accomplished with Soutine, of course, whose Parisian portraits of the child of choir or of the groom upset. The link is thus recreated, between Céret, which inspired more than 200 landscapes to the painter native of Belarus, Paris, and the great History, that the journeys of these artists tell. Until the end of this so-called “School”, at the beginning of the Second World War.

Modern Art Museum of Céret. Until November 13.

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Sit at a banquet in an abbey

HASith Yannick Haenel, Christine Angot, Laurent Mauvignier and many others, it’s “Tomorrow, the day before” at the Banquet du livre de Lagrasse which sets itself, in particular, on midnight time: its authors, over several generations, from Jean Echenoz to Tanguy Viel, but also Anne Simonin, the historian of the editions of Minuit (recently passed under the control of Gallimard via Madrigall), return, from reading to conference, on the adventure of the house founded by Jean Bruller ( who will write The silence of the Sea under the pseudonym of Vercors) and Pierre de Lescure. It was in 1941 in Paris, under the sign of resistance. Precisely to read “tomorrow, the day before”, is, say the organizers “to detect the future in history, to track down alternatives in the folds of fiction”. For this need for history, we can count every day in Lagrasse on Patrick Boucheron, faithful to the appointment. In this edition in particular, the literary season is already vibrating with his talents, between Yves Ravey back (Midnight) and the arrival of Yala Kisukidi, who will shine at the Seuil, or Laurence Potte-Bonneville read by Anne Alvaro (Verdier). And let’s not forget that at the foot of the abbey the walks in the garrigue with Catie Lépagnole start every morning, enough to whet your appetite if necessary to savor the words of the Banquet in this new cultural meeting center aptly named “The Arts of Reading”. The report of the festival can be discovered on a daily basis, in Corbieres morning.

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Lagrasse Book Banquet, August 5-12.

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