the curious video of Lionel Messi next to his children has gone viral

Lionel Messi is one of those players who uses his social networks to talk about the most important moments of his career, but also those who live next to his family at home or during a family trip.

In addition, his wife, Antonella Roccuzzo, also shares some videos from the player’s father’s side, in which he shows that the children have a good relationship with the athlete, who spends his afternoons playing with them.

This time, the model posted a video while her children played a football match with Lionel Messi, who wanted to have fun with the little ones after a match that PSG had made, and of which they were winners.

“Let the kids win!”we hear Rosario say, who also said that the player does not lose his competitive spirit even when playing with the little ones, which made many of his followers laugh.

Lionel Messi’s family

It should be remembered that the footballer has a family consisting of three children. The eldest, Thiago, has already revealed that he shares the same taste in football as his father which is why he started training at the club.

While the little ones currently only enjoy spending time with him, who takes advantage of his afternoons without any commitment to spend the day with them, watching movies or even an important game.

Moreover, the player also plans his vacation so that the children can travel to Argentina and spend time with the rest of his family or, if not, go somewhere in Europe where they can go for a walk.

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