The cuts, hairstyles and colorings that will be seen the most in 2023

hair trends 2023

The cuts, hairstyles and colorings of 2023Sarah Treacher / Launchmetrics.com/spotlight

The idea of ​​starting the year with a looks hair is nothing new, in fact it is something recurring. Thanks to the catwalks -which are presented a season in advance- we have the possibility of going ahead in time and seeing what the trends will be that more will be followed on the street in the coming months. Having a map of which will be the most demanded trends, we can go to the beauty salon with a proposal that favors us, but with which we can also be sure that it will be kept up-to-date throughout the months.




The bangs will continue to be very present during the next months. Thanks to the influence of series like Miércoles or the determined commitment of some influencers to this cut, it will remain on the crest of the wave. The straight bangs will be one of the most demanded, together with the curtain bangs. And if the bangs have been one of the hallmarks of the season, so has been the cut Bob, which will also accompany us, with some nuances. They are put aside bobs excessively short to give way to those that are closer to the end of the neck and the wavy texture predominates over the smooth one. In contrast, we will also witness a general commitment to very short hair, cuts without layers that leave the shape of the skull the leading role.

cuts 2023


We cannot erase all the haircut trends that have predominated in 2022 with a stroke of the pen, because these are progressive and the new ones are being integrated into the one that was already present. So, cuts like him wolf or the shaggywith many layers to create volume will still look and asking in the halls. And the layers will also be the protagonists in maxi lengths, which are no longer straight, but are built with different lengths and the natural texture predominates over smooth polish. Finally, in short, long bangs play a great role to give dynamism and bring creativity to hairstyles.

trending hairstyles

hairstyles 2023


The hairstyle with a wet effect will continue to be very present, especially in the context of the most special occasions. It is an easy resource and with a very elegant result that we have seen in many of the parades of the next season. Hair accessories will also continue with us, we already saw last season the turban and the elastic black ribbons in the style of the 2000s, now add doses of glamor with rhinestones and chains.

trending hairstyles


During the last red carpets we have seen that marked waves are gaining strength between the celebrities and it is a trend that has also been supported on the catwalk. It is water waves whose structure is perfectly distinguished and all the hair is combed in an orderly manner. Headbands with volume and shiny details will also continue to be present after the Christmas holidays. that are transformed into comfortable headdresses. Finally the baby braids They will add a youthful and informal touch to loose hair or updos.

The colorations that will be seen the most in 2023

colorings 2023


We are going to witness a season of extremes in terms of colors in which very different bets will coexist. The darkest brown returns for the most daring and on the catwalk we have seen it contrasting with the lightest skin. However, the trend of natural hair has also led to the prevalence of more natural brown and brown tones.

hair colors 2023


The importance that dark tones will have does not mean that we will abandon the brightest ones. The eternal blondes, of course, will be present and we mainly distinguish the golden tones, which will stand out especially in people with warm colors, and the vanilla tones, perfect for colder girls. Too copper will have its space, a tone that they have recently opted for celebrities Like Kylie Jenner or Lucy Boynton.

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