The cuts of jeans 2023 that you cannot miss to stylize your looks

As expected, fashion trends change every year, we have gone through all kinds of styles, from flared pants, then below the hip, very fitted and even a very retro wave taking up past trends. This year could not be the exception and everything takes a turn for you to get ready and start planning those jeans cuts 2023 that will be a must among all our fashion and celebrity magazines.

Many have become accustomed to tight-fitting pants, so it may seem strange to them to see that they are now so baggy, but once you try one on, there is no going back. In addition to being very comfortable, they tend to give a very flattering appearance to all body types depending on the cut.

Although keep in mind that even if the 2023 jean cut trends are different to your taste, it does not mean that you have to throw away your old pants. It is simply to give you an idea of ​​how you could raise your outfits with different pants It is worth mixing between what is fashionable and what you like, the point is always to open up to the idea of ​​trying new things and adapting to the style and body of each person. We leave you with this year’s favorite cuts and the stores where you can find them!

baggy jean

This cut of jeans is very particular since they are even known as “grandpa jeans” for leaving you a style like the pants used by grandparents. That is to say, they are quite wide and with a very high waist and a low waist, so you have to balance the garments very well with what you wear to prevent you from looking shapeless due to the baggyness. It comes from an inspiration in the nineties, so we will see many retro cuts that return to be the stars. We love wearing these pants with heels as it gives it all the feminine touch to stylize it. The examples that we leave you are from stores like zara, H&M Y American Eagle

Shot low

A fashion that returns and that not many will be happy about, is the low waist, also known as “lowered”. It is the type of pants whose shot starts at the height of the hips or below them. Being used with short tops to show off a flat abdomen, so very few dared to use it, but it begins to gain strength again, so we will surely see it a lot, so let’s dust off those jeans that we thought would not return. The examples that we leave you are from stores like Shein, Farfetch Y P&B.


Let’s go with the crown among the cuts of jeans 2023, in the 90’s celebrities like Jennifer López or Jennifer Aniston were seen wearing these pants everywhere and this year they will be an essential in your closet. This garment is basically pants with a military aesthetic, being very comfortable and with large bags and a very masculine and urban style. The examples that we leave you are from stores like H&M, oysho Y Zara.

wide leg

In this part you can find various styles such as “elephant leg”, “bootcut” and some similar or mixture of the trends already mentioned above. The point is to let go and use them. Being wide-legged, they are usually very comfortable and can look good with almost any item of clothing, so you can make it something very casual to go to the movies or something elegant to go to work with the perfect accessories. The examples that we leave you are from stores like Levi’s, Urbanic either H&M.

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