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Although he was named monarch of United Kingdom recently, Charles III he already led a life as a king, long before he came to the British throne. In fact, the details about the requests of the husband of Cornish stretcher were revealed in documentary filmServing the Royals: Inside the Firm“, made by Amazon-Prime in 2015.

Apparently, King Charles was dubbed “the spoiled prince” by his staff in Clarence Housewhere he lived with his wife, the current queen consort Camilla, from 2003 until he assumed the throne of the royalty for the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, as reported by Infobae.

The daily demands of the King of England

Paul Burrellwho was butler of the Queen isabel II and of the Princess Dianarevealed the requirements and demands that Carlos’s staff received to serve him and serve him every day, indicating that “everything is done to the king.”

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One of the first things that should always be, as the monarch indicates, is his pajamas and the laces of his shoes, which should be ironed every day, in addition to filling his pants with an exact inch (2.54 centimeters) of toothpaste. personal brush. Another of the king’s demands is that the temperature of the water in his bathtub must always be lukewarm and the cap in a certain position.

“Your pajamas are ironed every morning, your shoelaces are ironed with an iron, the plug of the bathtub has to be in a certain position and the temperature of the water has to be only lukewarm”, in a full bathtub “only halfway through,” Burrell said.

He even “has his valets squeeze an inch of toothpaste onto his brush every morning.” After getting ready, King Charles’s strict morning routine continues with his breakfast.

“Prince Charles opts for a healthy option. He has homemade bread, a bowl of fresh fruit and fruit juices, ”said the chef Graham Newbould, former royal staff member. On the other hand, Carlos III always has two camera companions who help him change his clothes up to 5 times a day.

King Charles travels with his own bed and toilet paper

If the above is surprising, then you should know that these are not just Carlos III’s home hobbies, but also in his many official trips wants to have under control a series of requests that its employees must comply with yes or yes, as reported by El Periodico.

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One of those things when you travel is that you have to come with a breakfast box with 6 different types of honeys, muesli and dried fruit, as Graham Newbould himself explained.

Likewise, the staff must prepare wherever he goes, all the furniture, including his own bed and even the toilet with his velvet toilet paper. He also carries with him a decoration, such as paintings and photos, that the monarch has requested, as he explains Tina Brown in the book The Palace Papers”.

It should be noted that just a few days ago, the now king was criticized for the gesture he had during his proclamation as the new monarch of the United Kingdom, when he was observed upset and demanded that one of his assistants remove the pen case from the desk since he bothered to continue signing. (AND)

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