The danger of attacking the famous for their physique and that shows we have not learned anything

gwen Stefani has been a success on stage since his days in no doubt in the late 1980s to the hits like “Hollaback Girl”, “What You Waiting For” or “Wind It Up” that came off his solo albums. Without a doubt, if he has been able to do something well, it is stay current in musicadapting with new sounds and collaborations.

However, it seems that the image will always be more important. No matter the awards and recognitions, nor the sales (because including her work with No Doubt, Stefani has sold over 30 million albums worldwide) because Today the topic of conversation is your face.

Since a couple of months the singer has divided fans with a makeover ahead of the new season of TheVoice.

Although he has always been characterized by transforming his image, this time social networks have not stopped pointing out that “he looks unrecognizable” and that he probably resorted to cosmetic surgeries that “ruined his face”.

In a conversation with Roma’s magazine, Gwen spoke candidly about beauty standards and growing old in the spotlight.

“I just want to look as good as I can at any age,” she said, referring to the launch of her new makeup brand.

She explained: “It’s just one of those things when you get older, and your face is constantly changing: you try new ways to look different, and you look the best you can.”

In social networks you can read cruel comments that have been classified as a form of violence that subjugates women who change something about their physique. Everyone talks about botched surgeries, unnecessary interventions and image-ruining changes, but no one thinks about the impact this has.

The pressure for perfection has pushed many women to the limit with their bodies.

While it’s always good to talk about acceptance and self love we should not believe that we have power over other people’s decisions. Who wants to change, let him do it but Ideally, it would always be by their own decision and not to meet the expectations of others.

In the entertainment world there are too many pressures for celebrities to conform to unrealistic beauty standards Y we have been quite cruel when they are not up to par. It seems that because they are famous they cannot be vulnerable or imperfect.

famous as Jamie Lee Curtis they have been very honest about how they gave in to those expectations and the regret of undergoing painful and even dangerous procedures to be liked.

Nicole Kidman who has also been considered one of the most beautiful women in entertainment, she stopped believing in her natural beauty to undergo a botox treatment.

The actress never admitted to having done it but the changes in her face became more and more evident, which made her a target of criticism. It was until 2013 that Nicole Kidman admitted to the Italian newspaper The Republic: “I can finally move my face again!” And it is that when she saw that the botox had eliminated his ability to gesture, she looked for a way to dissolve it from her face.

We never know the personal history of each person, so there is no need to judge

When we see someone change “drastically”, we assume that they resorted to aesthetic procedures but everyone has a different story. Zac Efron recently opened up about what made his face change and that it all had to do with an accident that landed him in surgery.

As explained to Men’s Health, He underwent reconstructive surgery after suffering an accident. The actor fell at home and broke his jaw in November 2013, causing the muscles in his face and jaw to work harder.

In 2020, Chadwick Boseman also became a victim of cruel criticism when suddenly he was caught much thinner and finish. While the internet pointed out “how bad he looked”, no one knew that he was battling colon cancer that ultimately took his life.

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