The Dark World: Elsa Pataky’s secret participation, the truth

Several years after its release in theaters, Thor: The Dark World continues to be talked about. According to a rumor, in fact, in the scene after the credits, it would not have been Natalie Portman to play Jane Foster.

In the final scene of the film, in fact, it has become a trademark of the Marvel, the god of lightning was seen kissing his beloved but hardly anyone noticed that in that scene there was a double. Specifically, to take on the role of Jane was the wife of Chris Hemsworth, Elsa Pataky.

Thor The Dark World-

Many characters in Thor The Dark World have been left out

The actress, already famous for having had the role of Elena Neves in the saga of Fast and Furious, she found herself almost by chance shooting the scene. As told to New York Daily News by Natalie Portman, in fact, he had to turn the scene but he could not reach his colleague ad Hong Kong because she is engaged in another film.

For this reason, the production then made Hemsworth’s wife wear the wig and stage costume. This also explains the crazy alchemy demonstrated by Thor and Jane and clearly visible in that scene. Portman, therefore, would not have resented indeed she often recounted the episode in an amused way.

The god of thunder will return to the cinema this year with a new chapter in the saga

Moving on to the actual film, however, many American comic fans have been disappointed. The transposition, in fact, has deviated a lot from the paper version of the work. For example, the film was supposed to show many more glimpses of Asgard according to the original project.


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Not only that, many characters, also, like Tyr, who was played by Clive Russell, has found space only in the background, not being in the least deepened. There are even some inhabitants of the realm of the gods, however, who have been completely removed from the script.

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In short, Thor: The Dark World has undergone several changes in progress that have undoubtedly affected the quality of the product. In fact, this is the worst cinecomic of the modern era according to many fans of the brand. Finally, we remind you that in the course of 2022 a new film should also arrive with the Norse god as protagonist, Thor Love and the Thunder.

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