The Darkness singer says Metallica’s James Hetfield offered him support when he was having alcohol problems

After a video advising Jon Bon Jovi to stop singing (while he settles his problems with a professional), Justin Hawkins, singer of The Darkness, is back with another video on his YouTube channel, this time commenting Here is Metallica’s performance of Nothing Else Matters with Miley Cyrus last year on the Howard Stern Show.

Titled “Should They Be Ashamed of This?”, in reference to the performance, the video sees Hawkins talk about the collaboration and deliver various anecdotes.

At one point he explains: “I love Metallica. Let’s say it right away: Metallica is great. It’s a rite of passage – if you haven’t seen Metallica live, you have to at some point in your life. These guys really rock, always have, I don’t care what people say.”

He then adds: “We toured a bit with Metallica. We played with them in Ireland and we played with them in Australia. And James Hetfield was able to detect in me the fact that I had some problems with certain things. [l’alcool]. He was very nice; he took me aside, gave me his number and said, ‘If you ever need to talk to someone… here it is’. He’s been really supportive of me, and he’s a great person.”

He also mentions that drummer Lars Ulrich was also “a nice guy”, although it wasn’t for the same reasons. According to Hawkins, Ulrich was more of a party companion, who encouraged him to “have fun.”

Justin’s alcohol and drug problems worsened and led to him entering rehab in 2006. He left The Darkness the same year, but ended up joining the band when they reformed in 2011.

Video of Justin Hawkins:

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