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A few weeks ago, Jennifer Lopez officially presented her son during a concert Emme as a non-binary gender person. At just 14 years old, he did not identify with the female or male gender, or at least that was clear from the words of his mother, who, taking advantage of a joint performance at the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation’s Blue Diamond charity gala, Angels confirmed it. 14 days later, Emme has found firm support in seraphinethe daughter of Jennifer Garner Y Ben Affleckcurrent partner of his mother, JLoaccording to Vanities.

Both have been seen regularly spending time together and more since the interpreters resumed their relationship from where they left it almost two decades ago. Two great friends who enjoy almost as if they were brothers now that their parents seem to have found their respective better half.

The new gender identity of both girls has jumped to the media around the world that are talking about it in a example of visibility and normalization that does not always happen but in this case the fame of his parents helps.

In fact, in some media it has already been recalled that although the role of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony was that of model parents respecting their son’s decision, the initial reaction of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner was not so mature and modern as could be expected. After documenting themselves, they have supported their son without a shadow of a doubt when it comes to defining his identity.

In this pride week In our country, where the echoes of certain absurd controversies still resonate, the normalization of the decisions made by young people like Emme and Seraphina, who could become role models for other girls who do not dare to take the step and that they are experiencing a difficult personal situation.

In recent months we have had many examples of people who have defined their gender as non-binary such as Sam Smith, Demi Lovato, Cara Delevingne… We are proud of all of you! Let no one tell you how to be and how to live.

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