The day Johnny Depp dressed again as ‘Jack Sparrow’ for a tender cause

‘Captain Jack Sparrow’ was once again played by Johnny Depp, thus showing his support for one of his most loyal followers who needed this boost.

Johnny Depp dresses again as 'Jack Sparrow' for a tender cause

Johnny Depp dresses again as ‘Jack Sparrow’ for a tender cause | Font: diffusion

It’s been almost six years since Johnny Depp last played ‘Jack Sparrow’ in the saga of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ for its fifth installment. And although his fate in the pirate tape is still completely unknown, the renowned actor decided to put himself back in the shoes of the crazy captain of the ‘Black Pearl’, but without profit, since on this occasion he sought to provide his support towards one of his loyal fans who is suffering from health problems. Here we tell you all the details of this noble gesture.

Johnny Depp returns to give life to ‘Jack Sparrow’

Through the ‘Make A Wish’ foundation, Johnny Depp decided to once again get into the shoes of Jack Sparrowand thus surprise one of his most loyal followers, called 11-year-old ‘Captain Cori’ on YouTube.

The little boy is struggling with a serious health problem, which has involved him undergoing different heart surgeries, so the foundation decided to give an incredible surprise to the little boy who has declared himself one of the biggest fans of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’.

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Johnny Depp surprises 11-year-old boy by giving life to ‘Jack Sparrow’

Faced with this sad panorama that afflicts ‘Captain Cori’, Johnny Depp recorded a video incarnating again ‘Jack Sparrow’who was very impressed by the YouTube era and new technologies, so he does not understand what it is about.

As in his iconic performance, Johnny Depp he uses his hands, uses his tangled phrases and makes totally funny comments to surprise the little guy who wanted so badly to meet him.

After promising the boy that he will help promote the YouTube channel of ‘Captain Cori’, Johnny Depp In the role of ‘Jack Sparrow’ He sent all his love and support to the 11-year-old boy: “I wish you the best of luck, I am your number one fan.”sentenced the actor.

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