The day Lily Collins hit Prince Charles on the head and met Lady Di

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Lily Collins She is famous practically since she was born and has been in the world of acting for several years, however, she has little that her fame and popularity rose to the sky thanks to the series “Emily in Paris”, in which she is the protagonist and that it has just confirmed that it will have a third and fourth season.

In a recent interview, Lily Collins opened up about her closeness to royalty and even confessed that he lived on more than one occasion with the Princess Diana and Prince Charles.

Lily Collins hit Prince Charles on the head and met Lady Di

In a interview with james corden when he was visiting on “The Late Late Show”, hethe daughter of the famous singer, Phil Collinstold for the first time that met Lady Di and Prince Charles when she was very young, and although she does not remember it well, she knows the stories thanks to her parents telling her the anecdote whenever there is the opportunity.

“I’ve been told this is what happened. It’s me and my mum and dad and it’s a Prince’s Trust event and I’m giving Diana flowers but the minute she went to get them I tried to take them away. So , as you can imagine, everyone gasped. But I was wearing a nice dress, so who would really punish me there?”revealed Lily Collins.

As expected, his anecdote has surprised everyone, however, it was already known that his parents Phil Collins and Jill Tavelman worked at that time on various projects with the princes.

But the confessions did not stop there, Lily Collins also told about the day who hit Prince Charles when he was just two years old.

“I was also told that when I was younger, I was playing with some toys with Prince Charles and proceeded to throw something at him, like throwing a toy phone at his head. Which, again, took everyone’s breath away. I just went to going for a walk, and I think I used to do bad things when I was two years old,” recalls the actress.

Also during the interview showed a photo in which he appears with his parents at an event attended by Princess Dianawho may greet them with great affection.

We leave you here part of the interview.

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