The day Lynda Carter and Gal Gadot came together to defend female power.

do you know the Wonder Woman? Yes, the mighty heroine of the comics! But of course you know her… surely you’re wondering what kind of question that is, right? Well, it is always good to remember a bit of its history, in addition to highlighting its impact on the lives of thousands of women. That is why this time we bring you a great anecdote.

Did you ever imagine seeing so much can together? Because you are about to discover one of the most emblematic days. The day that the two Wonder Woman joined their forces to be in favor of female wrestling For equality.

Do you dare to introduce us to your Wonder Woman? We want to meet her!

It was in the year of 2016 that the United Nations Organization appointed ambassador to Wonder Woman for him empowerment Y defending of the women and girls around the world, it was so that they had as guests the two women who have played this distinctive character.
Why did they choose Wonder Woman to represent said campaign?

“Since her birth just 75 years ago, she has been known for her commitment to justice, peace and equality. This character will help us bring critical messages about empowerment and equality to new audiences.”

Perhaps you as a fan of bone colorado perfectly place these two actresses, but there are those who did not get to see the classic series of Wonder Woman (yes, it has a series).
Starring Lynda Carter In the 70’s, this iconic series became a classic of this character and of course, a reminder of how powerful the figure itself is. Diana Prince.

Now, continuing with the theme, it is the turn of Gal Gadotwho is the current image of this great character of the comics and a real one Amazon (did you know she was in the Israeli army for 2 years?), plus she has a great way of thinking about women’s wrestling:

I’m not the type of woman who points at men and blames them for everything, because I don’t think it’s anyone’s fault; However, I think it will take time to correct something that has been dragging on for years and create a good environment so that women have equal opportunities and pay.

how did you like this wonderful anecdote? I bet you had no idea! Today, superheroes are becoming more popular among young audiences, which leads us to give these types of characters the opportunity to carry important messages that can have a major impact on society.

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