The day that Verónica Castro and Gloria Trevi fought during an interview in the middle of the program

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The host Verónica Castro managed to position herself as one of the favorites on Mexican television and throughout her career she has starred in some of the fights more controversial, like the time he got into a fight with Gloria Trevi in full program.

This moment occurred in 1992, a time when Veronica Castro she looked like “the queen of the late night shows” in Mexico with her program “And Vero… America, wow!“, Gloria Trevi for her part was at the top of her career.

Let us remember that at the time Gloria Trevi revolutionized music with her lyrics, which did not stop giving people something to talk about. And it was precisely the content of one of her songs-“Today I will leave home“- what led to a strong criticism of Verónica Castro towards Trevi and a heated discussion.

The fight that generated hatred between Verónica Castro and Gloria Trevi

It all started when Verónica Castro, mother of Cristian castrowas referring to how shocking and raw Gloria Trevi’s lyrics were, something that amazed critics and many fans alike.

It was at that moment that Gloria Trevi interrupted Castro to say that on one occasion a young fan approached her at a concert to tell you that she worked as a prostitute and that thanks to the lyrics of one of her songs she found the strength and motivation to raise alone the baby she would have in the coming months.

True to her style, Verónica Castro did not even seem to flinch or move with the anecdote and, quite to the contrary, criticized the young woman “la Trevi” spoke of for having chosen that profession instead of begging or finding another job. Gloria Trevi, upset by these comments, wanted to interrupt her on several occasions. But not everything was there since, not satisfied with that criticism, Castro also accused Trevi of fomenting fights and “family disintegration” in the lyrics of the song “Today I will leave home”, a hymn of youth rebellion and a way to assert yourself.

Almost at the end of the television interview, Verónica Castro – who did not hold anything back – questioned the look of the then young Gloria Trevi. The driver reproached her for always walking with “dirty shoes, torn socks and loose hair”, to which Trevi replied that she felt comfortable that way. For this moment, the interview practically took place shouting, while the public applauded the answers of the author of “Loose hair” and “Everyone looks at me”.

This unforgettable interview was the last time Gloria Trevi was invited to a Verónica Castro program.

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