the day the drug dealer visited Disney World (his arrival in the US and his fear of roller coasters)

In 1981, Pablo Escobar was one of the richest drug traffickers in Colombia by supplying 80 percent of the cocaine that circulated in the world through the Medellin Cartel.

However, the low profile he kept allowed him to have a normal life, so kept a promise he made to their children and took a family trip to Mundo de Walt Disneyin Orlando.

As he began to plan this trip, Pablo Escobar he was worried about getting the required visa to enter the US as he was the most powerful drug lord in Colombia; however, she did not have any impediment for it to be issued.

Due to the diplomatic immunity obtained by his contacts in the world of politics, the then head of the Medellín Cartel He traveled with his family to Miami, where they settled in a large mansion, and days later they moved to Orlando.

To this family trip to DisneyWorld attended John Paul, his son; María Victoria Henao, his wife; Hermilda, his mother; Roberto Escobar, his brother, Gustavo Gaviria, his cousin, and John Jairo Arias Tascón, his most trusted bodyguard.

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Already in the amusement park, Pablo Escobar dedicated his time to making his family happy and create memories that would last in time.

“Our family life had not yet had any complications. It was the only period of pure pleasure and luxury that my father enjoyed”, recalled Juan Pablo in his book Pablo Escobar, My Father.

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Likewise, the Colombian drug trafficker spent a lot of money on gifts and souvenirs for his familya situation that did not arouse suspicion since, at that time, nobody knew his identity in the US.

Finally, despite his supposed fear of roller coasters, Pablo Escobar decided to accompany his son in one of the most iconic attractions of DisneyWorld.

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They both entered the roller coaster Space Mountaina futuristic mechanical game that travels through “space” at high speed, in what is, until now, one of the most precious memories of Juan Pablo Escobar with his father.

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