The decision to have an integral well-being is in you

The decision in your integral well-being, photo taken from Google

The decision in your integral well-being, photo taken from Google

The decision starts from what objectives the person has in emotional and rational senses. In people with preference in Think, they have a more rational mood and that is the focus. They distance themselves from the situation, reflect relatively objectively, and choose what they consider to be the right thing to do. Emotions, the personal and the subjective are left out of the equation.

Preferred people in To feelThey have a much more emotional mood. They personally immerse themselves in the analysis of the situation, contemplate everything that can happen to the people involved, “feel” every possibility, do not want to create tension and will avoid it as much as possible; sometimes, at the cost of one’s own decision. Logic, objectivity and distance are not variables that come into play.

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Both types of people sometimes make the same decision, but follow very different paths to do so.

Surely, given this definition, any of us could identify with both positions. We all consider ourselves more or less empathic, logical, minimally sensitive, rational or compassionate. However, when making decisions, we tend to position ourselves in one of these two options with more intensity than in the other.

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