The definitive off-road Tesla is not the Cybertruck

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Screenshot: The Real Life Guys/YouTube

Teslas don’t drive very well on muddy roads, and that seems to bother the German YouTubers from The Real Life Guys channel, who have decided to make a couple of nothing modifications to the car in true Panzerwagen style.

First thing, remove the wheels. Second, get two systems 1.3 tonne crawlers each, and now… Now it looks like we’re going to have to tweak the underside of the Tesla a little bit…

The structure of wheels that supports the tracks is designed and manufactured to measure. Put like that it sounds easy, but the amount of engineering that goes into assembling all the axles and drive systems is not small. The presenters of the channel execute it with a simply charming self-confidence. They almost make it look easy.

After manufacturing the structure, it is time to install 12 massive shock absorbers to make the system truly off-road. To all this, the youtubers have made a friend of his believe that they are working on his Tesla, when in fact they are doing it on an identical car provided by Auto Hero. The RThe end result is a six-tonne Tesla that rises 80cm above the ground and could easily traverse trenches. What is missing is, of course, proof. When they publish it we will update this same post.

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