The demand for portable batteries increases and here we tell you what options there are

With thousands of customers without electricity after the passage of hurricane fiona for Puerto Rico, the demand for portable solar batteries, ideal for residents of condominiums and walk-ups, increased in the main businesses that offer this type of products, whose prices vary according to the model and capacity.

Jorge Medina, Power Solar’s operations manager, highlighted that the company is offering the Ecoflow portable battery, which can be charged with a solar panel, connected to an electric generator or a receptacle.

The battery, Medina specified, It is available in three versions of 1260, 2016 and 3600 watts of capacity., respectively. The price ranges from $1,998 to $4,998. It can be purchased with cash or through financing.

With the higher capacity battery, the consumer could connect several electronic devices at the same time, such as a refrigerator and television. “This is like a cistern. If you go to bathe and leave the pen open, the performance is lower, ”he warned.

In the case of Planet Solar, the solar panel for the battery is purchased individually. The charging time of the battery with a solar panel amounts to between three to seven hours, Medina assured.

“Thousands and thousands (of portable batteries) have been sold, it has been an incredible thing, but more wagons arrive on Tuesday,” he anticipated.

While, Planet Solar is offering the Bluetti portable battery, which is available in two versions: the AC200 Max, with a capacity of 2,200 watts, and the AC300, with a capacity of 3,000 watts..

The cost of the batteries ranges from $2,799 to $5,698, and from next week it will also be on sale at Pura Energía, after closing an agreement with Planet Solar.

“The AC200 is the most widely sold, because it is cheaper and has the capacity to handle a refrigerator, lights and simple 110-volt receptacles”expressed Ángel Díaz, Administration Manager of Planet Solar.

He explained that, in some cases, the company is giving customers a solar panel with more capacity than what the Bluetti brand offers for these batteries. With the panel, the battery could take six to eight hours to charge, but consumers could charge it with an electric generator or by plugging it directly into a receptacle.

In the Puerto Rico market there are other portable battery products, such as the Goal Zero Yeti line, which are available at Sobrevive PR and Batteries Plus Bulbs stores. Like the batteries of its competition, these are capable of being recharged using a solar panel.

In a publication on its Facebook account, the Association of Condominiums and Access Controls of Puerto Rico recommended residents to look for “viable alternatives” to power your residences, such as battery systems that can be installed inside your apartment, as portable power generators are prohibited in condominiums by the International Fire Code (IFC).

Contrary to generators, the association assured that portable batteries do not require the approval of the council of owners of a condominium.

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