the detail of the video that drew attention

It would have been the reunion of Leo and Kylian after the World Cup final in Qatar, which consecrated Argentina against France. Were they in the same place?

Lionel Messi was still in Argentina when the paris saint germain faced the first two post-World Cup league games, both with kylian mbappe between the headlines. For his part, the French star was on vacation in New York when Leo returned to Paris and was received with all honors when he went out on the field for the first training session.

For this reason, they had not yet seen each other again after the dramatic definition of Qatar 2022, that had them as the two top figures of the contest and face to face in a final that for many was the best game in history. However, this Monday in a Dior ad campaign, they crossed paths again.

Although the photos of both gala dresses quickly appeared on social networks, The renowned brand that dresses the Parisian club released a video of the photo session and the Argentine does not appear there, which quickly caught the attention of fans.

Messi dressed in Dior.  Photo: social networks

Messi dressed in Dior. Photo: social networks

In addition to the serious gestures in the images that were disseminated, the salient detail is that Messi appears in the photographic back but not in the video where Mbappé, Sergio Ramos and Hakimi are. This situation feeds those versions that speak of a tense relationship between the PSG stars, even before the World Cup. Although something else may have happened as well.

Backstage at the PSG production with Dior

With different times in their reinsertions to PSG, it is most likely that Messi did not share the session with his teammates, which would explain his absence in the video.

In any case, the Argentine and the French would reappear tomorrow in the Parc des Princes when Paris Saint-Germain receives Angers for the French league. And there you will see how they really get along. On the pitch, of course, which is what really matters.

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