The details of the breakup of Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner

kylie and travis

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    If there is something that has defined the relationship between Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott –obviously, seen from the outside– it is intermittence. Their comings and goings have marked a journey that, as spectators, we can now analyze as such. In these years, the now ex-partner has had two babies, Stormi (who was born in 2018) and her son initially named Wolf (whose real name we still don’t know, and who was born, curiously, on 2/2/22).

    And when it seemed that everything was going smoothly between the two, it was leaked that Kylie and Travis were separating. The last separation between the two occurred in 2019. They returned permanently in the spring of 2021, and about that ‘break’ we learned that it was because they had “some trust issues, but their dilemmas have more to do with the stress of their lifestyles “, told a source close to People media.

    And this publication has been precisely the one that has revealed the details of this, apparently, definitive break. “Kylie is very focused on her kids and her business, and she’s not a big party girl. Travis is the complete opposite. He loves to party, and they have different approaches. They always have. It’s never been an easy relationship and Jenner ‘freaks out’ every time cheating rumors surface. It’s one of the reasons they haven’t fully committed to each other. There have always been so many ups and downs. And they haven’t even lived together. They’ve had separate houses.” Will this be a permanent separation?

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    Wow. We will remain attentive… At the moment, neither Kylie nor Travis Scott have commented on this news.

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