The detangling brush that sweeps sales is made in Spain with wheat fibers

After the summer, recovering shiny, healthy and loose hair is the goal of many women. Getting it starts with a gesture as simple as a good brushing. “Try to do it daily: it doesn’t cost money and in a few weeks you will see how much stronger and shinier your hair is,” reveals María Baras, artistic director of the Cheska salon, in her book You can also have hair (HarperCollins).

Every hair expert knows well that the secret of strong and beautiful hair lies in healthy scalps and brushing is an especially useful ritual also in autumn, one of the times of the year when hair falls out the most. “The first benefit is its ability to activate the microcirculation of the scalp in a way that gives hair vigor and health. In addition, when we brush in a single direction, the hair is polished and very shiny. But not only that, but it helps us to free the hair from tangles, from other products and polluting particles that land on our hair”, they say from the Salon in Viso, from where they recommend brushing at least 100 times a day. That this ritual is part of the daily routine is also recommended by Rocío Escalante, head of Arbosana Pharmacy: “brushing daily is good for remove waste that accumulate due to the use of products, due to contamination… and also to remove those dead hairs. I recommend doing it from the back of the neck with your head tilted forward, in the morning and every night,” he explains.

When do we have to brush our hair?

As the professionals at Salón in Viso detail, before getting in the shower it is important to pass the brush, “because this will facilitate the untangling of wet hair, in addition to improving the distribution of fat. But it is that it will also serve to free our hair from impurities, the residues of some products that we have used before and from the particles of the environment that get into our hair”, they clarify.

And during the wash? “The important thing is to do it very gently to prevent the hair fiber from breaking. It will also serve to distribute the conditioner throughout the hair, facilitating the elimination of knots.

The ritual to maintain healthy hair ends before going to bed. “It is a way to free it again from impurities and from the rest of the care products that we have been able to use and leave the hair ready for the next day,” they point out from the Salon in Viso.

The next step is to find the right brush. And on the podium of Amazon’s best sellers there is one with Spanish DNA. Its about detangling brush Natural Fiber by Bether, a Spanish family business backed by 85 years of experience. Made with a natural material based on wheat fiber, 100% biodegradable, this brush is designed to avoid painful pulling, untangling your hair gently and quickly while protecting the cuticles and preventing hair loss. Thanks to its spikes in three sizes, it is recommended for all types of hair, especially curly or frizzy hair. It has a rating of 4.6 out of five on the sales platform and users especially highlight its ergonomic shape that adapts to the hand for a perfect grip and smoothness. “I like it because it can be used on wet or dry hair. The separation of its bristles, its large size and flexibility, mean that the hair does not break and it unravels easily”, writes a user. “I have very fine, dyed and bleached hair. Every time I wash it I get a tangle and I had a terrible time untangling it. Until now, since with this comb in one pass I have disentangled hair without pain or effort. I highly recommend it”, details another review about this product that is on sale for 6.99 euros.

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