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Within the multiplayer beta of Halo Infinite there are more and more cheater. Cheaters using aid programs are a big deal, as they ruin the gaming experience of all other fans. 343 Industries knows this well and has therefore answered the doubts of the players on the matter.

John Junyszek – Community manager of 343 Industries – said: “Unfortunately, having to deal with cheaters is a part natural in the process of supporting a free to play for PC. We expected it. They will never be eradicated completely, but we are prepared to face them and we intend to propose substantial improvements to our gaming systems and to take action against the cheaters. ”

Craig doesn't like Halo Infinite cheaters

Craig doesn’t like Halo Infinite cheaters

Junyszek said that players can report players they suspect are cheaters using the dedicated website. Halo Infinite doesn’t have a internal button for signals, but Junyszek of 343 Industries says the team knows players want it. It also suggests that those who report a potential cheater include video evidence to help the team analyze the situation.

Finally, we point out that there is also a trailer dedicated to Halo Infinite: it is the video “Forever We Fight” which shows the effects of the war over time.

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