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The mortgage weighs on his shoulders, also because the house is the only thing left to him after the years he spent in the army: his country has no gratitude for those who defended it in the Great War. This is why Eazy Rawlins, a Texan by birth but now based in Los Angeles, needs to find a job as soon as possible, especially after his sudden dismissal. It must also be said that your country does not see blacks well, the “blacks”, even though they have done everything to make it great. So when that white man, the lawyer DeWitt Albright, walks into the bar where Eazy is trying to dispose of his bad luck and offers him a job he can’t refuse, otherwise he’ll lose his house. It is about finding a girl, who is white, who is also beautiful and with an exotic name, Daphne Monet. It seems a simple thing for a veteran like him who knows how to move with ease in the slums of Watts, a suburb inhabited by people like him, African Americans, who trust him much more than Albright’s white dress. And then he is a tough guy, one who knows his stuff, who has the right connections and the right motivations. Of course, the white lawyer seems determined, but Eazy killed in the war, he used every ruthlessness, so he is not afraid to accept that job. When he leaves the bar, Eazy has clear ideas: find the girl, save the house, resume his life in peace after the horrors of the war …

Read today the novel by Walter Mosley, written in 1990, but set in 1948, in a post-war context of social clashes and desire for revenge, it has the flavor of a story already read and, not surprisingly, already seen: in fact, in 1998 the film adaptation was released, starring Denzel Washington. There are the dark atmospheres of LA Confidential, however, moved to the slums. The plot, as slender as the psychological rendering of the characters, is punctuated by rapid scenes and a continuous trail of deaths and characters of dubious origins and intentions: there are also elements of collusion between strong powers and the underworld. Surely it is a text that allows itself to be read, flows fluid and is also quite captivating: the choice of the publisher, 21lettere, to propose the novel to the Italian public, however, has more the flavor of historical testimony than of the search for a masterpiece. You can appreciate the rhythm of the narration that proceeds in a tight and flowing way, between a bar and the mysterious night of Los Angeles: the reader is not asked to reflect on all the actions of the characters, also because the last two chapters function as a summary and explanation of the whole story, but to let oneself be carried away by the wave of violence and precariousness that characterize the plot. A final note on the graphic design: the choice of a lively color scheme for the cover, probably designed to best represent the vitality of the Californian city, does not harmonize with the texts written in white type, so much so that the overlapping of colors makes each one almost illegible attempt to anticipate the content.

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