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Their Fashionistas s’affolent in this new suite! Essentially, film mode Le Diable s’habille in Prada Please return to the grandeur of the land.

Le Diable s’habille in Prada 2…What a beautiful idea! I inspired du Roman Lauren WeisbergerThis film has become a cult classic due to its global success in 2006. It has already earned $326 million in its first flight. The film is not available for distribution in America. Meryl Streep Golden Globe reporter Best Actress for her role as Miranda Priestly’s son of tyranny, Editor of the fashion magazine Chef du Fashion Runway. Souvenez-vous, elle rendait la vie is impossible for her two assistants. Andrea Sachs, embodied by the famous Ann Hatawayand Emily Charlton, a cheerful couple Emily Blunt.

Diable s'habille in PradaDiable s'habille in Prada

It seems that Miranda is not finished yet, but she is finished with them! I wish I had never… 18 years after the first combat sortieAline Brosh McKenna, American screenwriter, the best choice for the script of the suite of films. It is an act of development before Disneyaccording to media reports deadline. It is also important to note that in the interview And! Nouvel I want to tell you, Anne Hathaway expressed her skepticism about the fact that ” suite from this story » allite « the day will come« .

In the pouring water we want to pour the chain of events into Diable s’habille in Prada ?

Diable s'habille in PradaDiable s'habille in Prada

At this point, the details of the second flight are heard for an encore. The story, which never focused on Miranda Priestly, was the same. decline of the carrier. Faced with this situation, Miranda will be the opposite of meeting Emily Charlton, the son of an old assistant, to remake the soufflé into a professional career. In addition, some actresses of the film in Montrenth reasonable person in the projectEmily Blunt’s note. Despite her success, fame and glory, she can squeeze her reserves into a single suite. In 2018, the magazine lors d’un Entretien Accordé au Magazine Américain PeopleThe actress also stated: ” I waited until I arrived, some of the girls, when I was in a suite, to hear the original” . Alors, new Diable s’habille in Prada sera-t-il in the spirit of our attention?

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