The DIF of Guadalupe distributes bracelets to people with Alzheimer’s. newscast mexico

As part of the Family Protector program, DIF Guadalupe, Nuevo Leon Distributed locator bracelets to older adults with Alzheimer’s.

He Comprehensive Family Development (DIF)Seeks to promote various assistance to the population, including donations in kind, assistance programs, comprehensive care in shelters and counseling for the development of capacities for families, so that the suffering of families becomes one of them in the community Go. Target.

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The event was led by thomas montoyaPresident of the municipality DIF, who pointed out that the program would benefit thousands of elderly people who are suffering from this disease.

Montoya announced that bracelet will have functions for senior citizens Alzheimer’s what a gift loss reportBecause in this way their location will be faster, since the device has a QR code that channels it to the C4’s monitoring, so that it can be transmitted to their relatives.

The organization’s initiative is also designed for youth with conditions such as Down syndrome and autism in the future, however, this first delivery will correspond to approximately 300 bracelets.

This program seeks to shorten the response procedures to the difficult situations suffered by people suffering from various diseases, because according to Tomás Montoya, during 2023, they have received over 40 reports Those who request assistance for those suffering from these mental illnesses.

Montoya told through his social network that Guadalupe is the first municipality In distributing bracelets with the aim of providing peace of mind to the families.

“With the aim of providing peace of mind to families in Guadalupe whose members are disabled autism, down syndrome, alzheimer’s or for mental illnesses, the Guadalupe DIF System launches the program ‘keeper of the family, We are the first municipality in the state to distribute 250 bracelets with QR codes to trace the elderly so that they can reach home safely in case they get lost,” he said.

The officer also said that people interested in shopping A bracelet that allows them to trace their relatives for security reasons must be given to them Visit Municipal Corporation DIF OfficesWherein they must carry a medical letter indicating the conditions suffered by the patient, which must include a document with information about their close relatives.


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