The difficult situation of Demi Lovato, and how she continues to lose more weight every day

The singer Demi Lovato has given her followers several scares due to the illnesses and serious conditions that she has fallen due to her various excesses, one of them due to her strange obsession with losing weight, which has caused serious damage to her mind and in his body

One of the most common and serious eating disorders seen in the world of art and entertainment: anorexia, and there are several actresses and singers who have fallen into this serious disease, which, if not controlled in time, could even cause death. Demi lovato is one of them.

During her passage through this terrible disease, and she was very close to losing her life, since her obsession with losing weight also caused her to lose and damage all her hormonal levels, which made the singer Demi lovato had to be hospitalized for several days in a famous hospital in the United States.

Once he recovered from this, Demi lovato He did the opposite, he gained a few kilos again, and began to receive harsh criticism from his detractors, but what was worse was that even his fans fell into this dilemma, and this again affected the mental stability of the singer. .

Thus, Demi lovato He once again submitted to a strict diet that made him lose many kilos in a very uncontrolled way, causing concern in his followers, who thought that he had fallen back into anorexia syndrome. However, the artist herself clarified that this was not the case, and that she no longer cared about what she ate daily.

“I accidentally lost weight. I no longer count calories. I no longer exercise. I do not restrict or purge. And I, especially, don’t live my life according to diet culture… And I have actually lost weight… This is a different experience. But I feel full. Not food. But of divine wisdom and cosmic guidance, Peace, Serenity, Joy and love”, he said Demi lovato on his Instagram

Screenshot of the video where Demi Lovato talked about her weight loss on her Instagram. Photo: Instagram

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