The diplomacy of the regime once again shows off its guapería before the ‘Homeland and Life’ of Cubans in Toronto

Cuban diplomats in Canada and sympathizers of the regime tried to prevent on Sunday, during the Toronto Latin Fairthe performance of a Cuban music group whose members said “Homeland and Life” and “down with the dictatorship.”

officials of the Consulate General of Cuba in Toronto and his followers, Cuban artists and émigrés critical of the regime starred in a scene in which the diplomacy of Havana once again showed its aggressive spirit, in another attack against dissentaccording to a video circulated on social networks and published by Cuban businessman and influencer Manuel Milanés On twitter.

The young Cuban Adrián Guerrero, present at the event, told his version of what happened on his Facebook profile.

“The Fair progressed at full speed, it was a waste of emotions perhaps as some of its organizers had foreseen, and I say some because within them was the Cuban Consulate in Toronto that, raffling and selling hotels (because Cuba no longer has anything else to sell), wore T-shirts with politicized and provocative phrases“, he recounted.

In addition to promote Cuba as a “safe tourist destination”representatives of the Cuban regime and their supporters launched their usual propaganda speeches demanding an end to the US embargo.

Guerrero perceived in official advertising “a Cuba disguised to cover the real life of the Cuban people that he has neither rights nor salary enough to visit one of those hotels that were part of the sad raffle”.

“It was when they announced the closing of the fair with the Cuban group Sol de Cuba. With these great sons of Cuba, I discovered that I was not the only one uncomfortable with so many lies and distortion in said fair, because one of its members, before starting to sing, started with an immortal phrase that changed the course of history and awakened consciences worldwide: COUNTRY AND LIFE“, he recounted.

“It was like a dynamite that only offended the nine or ten representatives of the PCC who surely barely supported the fair, and who also they took advantage of the event as a tourism fair to sell Cuban hotelsinstead of art and culture,” he added.

“How is it possible that the organizing committee has not noticed this detail? Is selling a hotel room an artistic expression? Does Cuba not have typical dishes? Does it not have painters? Does it not have artisans? Does it not have dance? Doesn’t it have costumes or apparently it doesn’t have singers?Perhaps the organizers of the fair do not know that Cuba is a dictatorship? Don’t they see or read the news that floods social networks daily?” questioned the young émigré.

The Consulate of Havana, for its part, informed in a publication on its Facebook about the event, in which it did not mention the “encounter”.

“For the first time Cuba participated and made itself felt strongly at the Toronto Latin Fairinfecting with their joy many of those present who joined in the dancing and initiatives of the significant number of Cubans united by their flag, many of whom wrote nice messages to our island. Oscar Vigil, executive director of the Hispanic Canadian Heritage Council (HCHC) and coordinator of the Fair, highlighted the extraordinary work and projection of the Cuban representation,” he wrote.

Before, in addition to acknowledging that “Cuba was promoted as a safe tourist destination“, the diplomatic headquarters pointed out that “there was no lack of good cuban musicdominoes and four corners” and that “the little ones flew kites and tasted the rich flavor of Cuban food”.

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