The director of The Equalizer 3 tells what it was like to reunite Denzel Washington and Dakota Fanning

In 2004 the great Tony Scott presented the action-thriller drama Man on Fire. The film featured a former agent named John Creasy played by Denzel Washington, who must protect little Pita Ramos from Dakota Fanning. The chemistry that both presented on screen enchanted the entire audience and now they will meet again for the third part of The Equalizer.

In The Equalizer, Denzel interprets Robert McCall a former special forces marine who moved away from the ring to live a quiet life. The first installment has Robert abandoning his position as a stock boy in a supermarket to protect a young woman from the siege of the Russian mob. Meanwhile, the second film is responsible for showing a little more of the character’s past while presenting a shock force that is eliminating Robert’s former colleagues.

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