The disappearance of rugby player Levi Davis keeps Europe in suspense: a mysterious ferry trip, three hours in Barcelona and a problem with the mafia

Levi Davis is a well-known rugby player in England and was also noted for his talent as a singer on local TV (Photo: Gettyimages)
Levi Davis is a well-known rugby player in England and was also noted for his talent as a singer on local TV (Photo: Gettyimages)

The last time there were clues about him was 76 days ago when he had a beer in a pub in Barcelona at the same time that Liverpool and Leeds faced each other for the Premier League. He walked to the Hard Rock in Plaza Cataluña when it was already 10 p.m., checked his phone and then plunged into the street in the direction of Café Zurich. The antennas that capture the cell phone signal located her mobile at the Sants station, but the cameras in the place could not capture her image. Since then, what happened to the British rugby player Levi Davis in Spain it is a huge mystery.

The family started a campaign to try to get data on Levi Simeon Daviswhat with 24 years He is known both for his sports career and for his artistic facet. In 2017 he jumped to the professional rugby team. bath union and some time later he presented himself to tv show X Factor to try to stand out from his passion for music. He was in fifth position in that contest and when he sought to return to his sports institution, he had no more space and had to continue in lower level teams.

“Urgent: Missing person. Levi Simeon Davis is from the United Kingdom. He is only 24 years old. Last seen at The Old Irish Pub on October 29. If you have seen or heard something, no matter how small, get in touch ”, he asks for a poster that has been circulating for weeks on social networks with his face and an email address.

The posters that circulate looking for information
The posters that circulate looking for information

The mystery surrounding his situation has grown by the hour since then. In December, celebrity private detective Gavi Burrows arrived in Barcelona with a team of a dozen investigators. The Line Of Inquiry company took the lead in the search with the consent of his family: “I am very grateful. They offered their time, expertise, and the bounty fund to help find Levi. We are very worried about him and just want him home safe. Hopefully this additional support will encourage people who have any information to come forward,” his mother, Julie, told the network some time ago. skynews according to the British newspaper Subway.

Burrows put on the table a $12,000 reward for those who contributed meaningful data in order to conduct the investigation. A line of hypotheses that followed is that his disappearance was of his own free will, although they also focused on a trip from Ibiza in October: they believe that he could have made an appointment in Barcelona during the ferry trip that lasted more than six hours.

“We have some important leads, which we are following at this time and locally,” the detective clarified to GB Newsleaving exposed that this supposed meeting that he arranged – and that would never have taken place – would be one of the main points of the ball that they are pursuing.

The trip to Spain had been planned because his career was going through a bad moment. A knee ligament injury put his sports career in jeopardy and his mother acknowledged that she was worried about her son. She confessed that she feared that her mental health had “deteriorated” from this problem. His time on television, in 2019, had made him a celebrity, but he had also had some addiction problems.

His mother explained that in recent weeks he had decided to take a few days away from his native Shirley (Birmingham, England) because they were extorting him with some photos. During the hours that his disappearance took place, his OnlyFans account was activated with some nude images.

Richard, his friend who shared the trip through Ibiza, assured investigators that Levi told him that I would go to “visit someone” in Barcelona. The Mossos d’Esquadra they found his passport in the port area of ​​the city, but they had no clue about his whereabouts. The ever-growing enigma took a new route in the past few hours: are closely monitoring an alleged connection to British mobsters.

the catalan newspaper The vanguard reported that the detective team working on the case “suspects he was kidnapped by British mobsters”. The outlet indicates that the investigations are aimed at a possible conflict with a group of people that had already dragged on “a few years ago.” They even assure that during 2020, time after his jump to rugby and his appearance on TV, Davis had “serious problems with a few bad companies” and point to a debt as a possible motive for the kidnapping. The athlete’s mother even assured that her son had a suspicious intrusion into his London flat occasionally.

The last image captured by security cameras in Barcelona
The last image captured by security cameras in Barcelona

“There are people in both London and Barcelona who know well what has happened to Davis. We are following all the clues we find,” said the private detective. This new orientation of the investigation gave a radical turn to the fact, although up to now the case continues to be “treated as a disappearance.” However, from the research company they begin to approach the theory that Davis had known his kidnappers for three years, when he was a member of the Ealing Trailfinders rugby team. His career began for Bath in 2017, which allowed him to play in the rugby Premiership until 2020. He emigrated to Ealing that season and a year later landed at the Worthing Raiders.

The mother of the 1.75-meter athlete stated that the clue reached the private detective they hired through an anonymous call. “We desperately need to know more because this could change the whole nature of the investigation,” Julie’s mother asked of her as she shared the DailyMail. “The person was very cautious and revealed very few details other than saying that ‘people in the UK are involved in Levi’s disappearance’ and that it stems from a fight he apparently had with a gang in London when he was playing rugby there. I know of some difficulties he had with some people who showed up at his flat in Ealing, but I don’t know what the disagreement was about or how serious it was. But this is very important information that must come to light and the Barcelona police are aware of it,” added the woman.

The local police are still revolving around his latest moves. He had barely been in Catalonia for three hours when he arrived at that pub. She was around half an hour, she had a beer and sent two video messages to her mother during that time. Dressed in a white T-shirt, a black backpack and black pants, he left the place. That scene captured by security cameras located in the area are the last images of him. After his cell phone signal had been activated near the train station hours later, they only located his passport lying in the port. In these almost three months he did not use his mobile again, nor did he make any movements in his two bank accounts. That, for security forces investigators, indicates that he could not have traveled or rented accommodation. never heard from him again.

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