The discovery of the wonders of the night sky is possible this summer in 30 cities of Segovia.

Seminars are free and have a maximum of thirty participants per session, ensuring a personalized and quality educational experience. They will take place in thirty locations in the province of Segovia, starting next Sunday, June 30, in Rapariegos and ending on September 14 in Armuña.

In July, this event will be held in seven municipalities, and the largest number of seminars will be held in August – nineteen in total. In September, activity will be reduced to three locations.

During the master classes, participants will learn to distinguish planets and stars, recognize astronomical phenomena visible to the naked eye, and, if weather conditions permit, observe deep space through telescopes.

This training is for young people in the province who need to go to their municipality’s city council to register. The Provincial Council reminds that minors under fourteen years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

Some of the municipalities selected for this activity are included in the area of ​​influence of the Hoces de Segovia Destination Sustainable Development Plan. This plan is funded by European funds and is Starlight certified. This certification ensures that these areas have excellent sky quality, ideal for stargazing due to low light pollution.

For more information about the workshops and registration, those interested can contact the Youth Service of the Segovia Provincial Council on 921 113 439 or by email at

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