The disturbing photos of the unrecognizable Carmen Electra are so disturbing and on the verge of crying

carmen electra Totally made in the 90s gender symbol After the completion playboy girl and get fame for the series’baywatch, After his first successes, all his fans remember his participation in ‘horror movie‘ And since then she has continued her career as an actress and model.

But, now, Medium’s ‘Page Six’ has published some disturbing pictures Carmen Electa’s while sitting at your doorstep in Los Angeles.

In the pictures you can see a unrecognizable Carmen Electra was dressed very casually in a Guns N’Roses T-shirt, camouflage pants and with her hair in a very messy bun.

However what catches the most attention is their attitude where you can see it to some extent Restless Whereas try to take a deep breath Although there is a moment on the verge of tears puts his hands on his head,

He Representative actress’s Where is From ‘Page Six’there is nothing to worry about“, and tells us: “It seems i had a migraine And it’s very hot. The sun’s basically in his eyes!” she replies.

Carmen Electra is one of the actresses who started her career with ‘Baywatch’, as has happened with Pamela Anderson and Erika Eleniak. Notably, just a few weeks back he was again in the news when some pictures of him surfaced in which he could see a physical change with his arms full of tattoos. You can see it in the video above.

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