The Doctor Erdocia Clinic places Gran Canaria Urbaser at the forefront of regenerative medicine

The international setter of Gran Canaria Urbaser, Maria Alejandra Alvarez del Burgo ended last season with a discomfort in your patellar tendon that persisted during their first weeks of vacation. This situation forced both the player and the club to find the best solution to arrive in perfect condition at the start of the preseason, putting themselves in the hands of the Doctor Erdocia Clinic.

The Doctor Pedro Erdocia Eguiatraumatologist and head of the club’s medical services, through the Doctor Erdocia Clinic, has implemented a treatment focused on a plasma rich in platelet growth factors that has allowed the player olimpiloca has recovered his right knee in record time.

Currently, the Doctor Erdocia Clinic is a center with experience in this type of cutting-edge treatment. Undoubtedly, this advance offered by the Clinic is a luxury when it comes to recovering elite athletes in the shortest possible time.

After undergoing treatment, Mariale Álvarez del Burgo is training normally with specific work and controlled at all times by the coaching staff of the Iberdrola League team with Marcos Dreyer and Fran Carballo at the helm. The goal is to be able to count on the best version of a key player in the Gran Canaria Urbaser game system at the start of the preseason.

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