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This Tuesday, January 10, HBO Max premiered the documentary series “Jamie vs Britney” in its catalogwhich narrates everything that happened around the case of Britney Spears and the controversial guardianship that her father Jamie had over her.

And it is that for almost 13 years, the singer was deprived of liberty and under the decisions made by her father.

There will be two chapters that narrate and contextualize the story through the eyes of the two protagonists of the case.

What can you see in “Jamie vs. Britney?

The documentary dates back to 2007, when the princess of pop was exposed to public scrutiny with a wave of criticism for having shaved her head.

Thus, the press of the time showed the singer as “emotionally unstable” and after the singer’s hospitalization and her attendance at a rehabilitation clinic, doubts began about who should take charge of her life.

It was thus that her father, Jamie Spears, took legal guardianship of Britney, which meant being responsible for her accounts, estate, decisions about her career and life.

And it wasn’t until 13 years later that the singer was able to free herself from this.

All this, after various statements by the singer and the movement of her fans “Free Britney” that caused a worldwide stir and made visible the situation that the interpreter of “Baby One More Time” was experiencing.

In the documentary series we will be able to see the two parts of the story, with testimonies, files and reports. so pOn the one hand, it is said that Jamie acted “out of love and protection for his daughter” and on the other hand, a ruthless plan by the singer’s father is captured to enslave her and take over her heritage.

So now you know, if you want to know more about this controversial case, you can do it through the HBO Max platform.

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