The Dominican Republic lost several players to the Clásico, said manager

By Jesus Perez Vichot (Chuchi)

Of the 50 players from the Dominican Republic to the World Classic, 18 present an objection to participate

Shawn Spradling continues to report the latest that is happening around the upcoming World Baseball Classic (WBC) and on this occasion he shared with the fans the new concern facing the Dominican Republic team. It turns out that the general manager of this team has said that of the 50 players that make up the preliminary list, 18 present an objection to participate in said event.

This is unpleasant news for fans of the Dominican team and for baseball lovers in general, who expect an elite tournament where the best players in the world participate.

Both Nelson Cruz and the manager of this team, Ronnie Linares, are aware that this problem of receiving permission from the organization to which each player belongs is a limitation that affects all the teams that will be present at the WBC 2023.

In addition, Gómez shared the words of the president of the Dominican Baseball Federation (FEDOBE): “It will be on the 8th or 9th when we will know if indeed those 35, which they have chosen, are sure and there they will be able to give us the go-ahead to present the list to the country.

It must be remembered that it is totally allowed that the Major League team to which a certain player belongs can prohibit him from participating for different reasons, without the cause being precisely an injury.

Players have always been willing to represent the Dominican Republic in the World Classic, but according to Linares they have faced problems obtaining authorization from several of the top players.

The Dominican Republic won the third edition (2013) of these World Classics undefeated and they have always brought together a group of talented players.

This time will not be the exception, they have many stars. The quisqueyanos will be in group D together with the teams of Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Israel. They will debut on March 11 at LoanDepot Park in Miami.

By the way, Gómez let it be known that starting next week the jackets from the set of this outfit will be on sale to the public at the Lidom Shop, in specialized sports establishments and in the large supermarket chains in the Dominican Republic. country, which will have a value of 120 dollars.

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