The DR asks the UN Security Council to pacify Haiti and promote political dialogue

One more time the Dominican Republic took the Haitian issue before the United Nations Security Councilemphasizing the need to improve international security support for the Haitian National Police, as well as efforts to combat the high levels of violence in that country.

Foreign Minister Roberto Álvarez stressed that the Dominican Government considers that the stabilization efforts in Haiti must be focused on immediate pacification and political dialogue as the only adequate ways to confront violence and chaos.

“But the almost non-existent progress in that direction requires from the international community, as Secretary General António Guterres has expressed, a position that our country firmly supports, is that while the aid for the training of its police is consolidated, it is necessary a robust force, capable of restoring peace and putting an end to the violence unleashed by armed gangs, infiltrated by political and economic power”, the minister emphasized.

Alvarez stressed that The Dominican Republic also maintains its conviction that the only lasting and sustainable response to the Haitian crisis must come from the Haitians themselves.

“I repeat before the Security Council: international collaboration with the efforts of Haiti and its authorities is vital, if we want to bring stability and tranquility to the people of Haiti, its neighbors and the region,” said the Dominican diplomat.

At the end of his words before the members of the Security Council and the foreign ministers of Haiti, Jean Victor Geneus; and Canada’s representative to the UN, Bob Rae; The Foreign Minister reminded those present what President Abinader said last year in front of the General Assembly: “Haiti cannot wait any longer. We must act responsibly and we must act now!”

At this meeting of the Security Council, Foreign Minister Álvarez was accompanied by the permanent representative ambassador of the Dominican Republic to the UN, José Blanco; the alternate ambassador, Joan Cedano; and the counselor Luz Andújar.

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