the dramatic story of his illness

Eleonora Daniele hosted Antonino Spinalbese at Storie Italiane, who told about the health problems he suffers from.

It had been some time that Antonino Spinalbese he reported having health problems. But only in the Rai studio, a guest from Eleonora Daniele revealed what was the problem that plagued him.

What was known to date was that the former partner of Belen Rodriguez suffered from one autoimmune diseasebut nothing more.

Antonino Spinalbese: this is his disease
Antonino Spinalbese: here’s what his disease is (Web Sources)

During this interview, Spinalbese told how he realized he had this disease. It all began when she began to feel severe pain in the part of the intestine, which continued for several days.

After several visits, the diagnosis finally arrived. In the episode aired on April 15, 2022, Antonino Spinalbese said “(…) When I started having these pains I became curious, I knew that the more time passed, the more they increased, I got really scared“.

Antonino Spinalbese: this is his disease

And then came the diagnosis “I found out I have a pancreas problem“. And he just has to thank the doctors who helped him in all respects.

“(…) Let’s say that I have an old man’s pancreas and like most autoimmune diseases, many times they arise from ourselves ”the ex of the presenter of Le Iene continued to say.

These have not been easy days for him since at the beginning he could not eat solid foodsbut it could be fed only through the infusionssince “it was the only way to get food through without passing through the pancreas”.

Then gradually he began to take in carbohydrates. Now with one adequate nutrition can live normally.

Antonino Spinalbese: this is his disease
Antonino Spinalbese together with the little Luna Marì (Instagram)

Antonino Spinalbese also had the opportunity to speak of his familywho has always been close to him on this path and also to his daughter, Luna Marìborn last July.

He is really a dad who is very much in love with his little girl “I continue to breathe thanks to my daughter (…). It’s the best thing I’ve ever done and I have to thank her every day because she teaches me so much “.

And he concluded by saying that in the end you really like each other only thanks to Luna Marì “She made me realize that everything else is superficial“.

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