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Designers tend to simplify women’s wardrobes, they don’t believe in seasons, they prefer feminine pieces with character, which is why on Women’s Day dresses and versatile pieces have been the main dish in the firm’s collections The Second Skin Co. and designer Juanjo Oliva presented in Madrid.

Antonio Burillo and Juan Carlos Fernández, creative directors of the firm The Second Skin Co., which is successful in Hollywood, brought a collection to Madrid es Moda featuring colorful dresses with structured silhouettes.

Pinks, yellows, whites, greens, browns and fluorine tones dye structured garments, with a studied pattern and large volumes, as well as more fluid silhouettes.

The dress is once again the protagonist, the firm’s hallmark, from which garments have come out for Jennifer Lopez, Hailee Steinfeld, Petra Nemcova, Zendaya or Jessica Biel, creations that speak of romanticism.

On Women’s Day, Juanjo Oliva wanted to pay tribute to women with a collection of slender and elegant dresses, in which a purple design was not lacking, the color that represents the feminist movement and that dates back to its beginnings , specifically to 1908, when the English suffragettes chose purple -along with white and green- as a vindictive symbol of their struggle.

It is also associated with the fire that occurred in 1911 in the Triangle Shirtwaist textile factory in which 146 workers died from burns and smoke, which was purple due to the color of the fabrics with which they were making shirts.

Purple shone in Oliva’s collection, which advocates a feminine and practical dress, without ties, “the important thing is that women feel comfortable,” the designer tells Efe.

“Dresses are my forte”, adds Juanjo Oliva, who has made his first collection for “See Iou”, a firm that is committed to author design at affordable prices.

In his proposals, which give a large part of the role to fabrics, he ventures into creating a more relaxed and youthful night, without opulence. “When people want to dress up at night, many dress up and that’s a mistake.”

Oliva believes that there is a gap in party dress and launches to create elegant, simple and feminine pieces, very flattering. “I like to think that what I do is real, a lot of women feel good in dresses that she calls ‘dianoche’.”

He considers that there is too much supply and tends to simplify the collections, while embracing slow fashion, “upcycling” and reusing fabrics to illuminate new pieces. “Quality is better than quantity,” recalls Oliva, who in this work advocates the enjoyment of life and celebration.

Thus, fresh and feminine designs were seen that seek to be part of special moments. “They are limited units,” says Oliva, who now lives between Madrid and Paris and that on Friday she will present another collection, “more formal, with a lot of color and a lot of energy.”

The firm Alvarno also wanted to celebrate Women’s Day by presenting the costumes for the show “Woman”, which opens in Madrid. “Dance is movement, freedom and the maximum expression of beauty”, according to designers Arnaud Maillard and Álvaro Castejón, a creative duo from the Alvarno firm.

“Fluidity and firmness, hope and despair, delicacy and strength, mixed feelings that show the many facets in the life of a feisty, sensitive and passionate woman,” says Maillard, who worked alongside Karl Lagerfeld.

The entire wardrobe revolves around emotions and movements interpreted with exaggerated and vaporous volumes, degraded trains, unstructured breastplates and whirlwinds of fringes.

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