The dressing room is broken in Chivas, he sided with Ormeño, he doesn’t want him to come out

Chivas / Santiago Ormeno
Chivas / Santiago Ormeno

Santiago Ormeno It no longer enters into the plans of the current project in Chivasaccording to the same Veljko Paunovic, the team’s technical director, the Mexican-Peruvian striker would have no place in the squad. Although he confessed that the situation is uncomfortable, this does not mean that they will respect the contract he has with the team, making it clear that they will not make any termination.

Meanwhile, information has been leaked that a figure from the Sacred Flock does not want to see Ormeño out of the club, since the forward does intend to leave, even if it is on loan to add minutes. Pumas and Puebla have been the teams that have shown interest in acquiring it, in addition to Sporting Cristal from Peru.

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According to bolavip, Ferdinand Iron He is the one who has asked Ormeño to fight for his ownership. The Spanish director seems to still have faith in the talent of the 9 rojiblanco, for which he has tried to persuade him to stay at the club. However, Ormeño’s position has been more than clear so far.

Ormeno is leaving?

In the end it seems that the player would have the last word, because if Ormeño’s refusal continues, Fernando Hierro would have no choice but to fulfill his desire to add minutes in another team. At the moment, everyone is waiting for what will happen to the Mexican-Peruvian novel in Verde Valle.

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