‘The Dropout: The rise and fall of Elizabeth Holmes’: the Disney + series for which an unrecognizable Amanda Seyfreid won the Emmy Award

Actress Amanda Seyfried has won the 2022 Emmy Award for Outstanding Actress in a Drama Miniseries. Award more than deserved thanks to her interpretation of the protagonist of The Dropout: Elizabeth Holmes. A businesswoman who created Theranos and put many people’s health in danger because of her ambition. In the HULU series that can be seen on Disney+, her rise and fall are perfectly outlined.

In 2003, the Theranos company was founded by a 19-year-old girl: elizabeth holmes. This corporation had a patent for a piece of equipment that allowed each person to measure her blood levels in her own home. And most importantly, with just a drop of blood. Many people are afraid of needles, and the young visionary brought to reality the way to solve it. However, was his intention so honest or was he just looking for recognition and financial benefit? In 2018, Elizabeth Holmes and her corporation were charged with fraud.

the series of The Dropout, perfectly outlines the emergence, development and fall of the company, but puts its emphasis on the protagonist and her personality. Raising in turn essential issues such as: What happens if one of the few women who manage to reach a position of power commits a fraud? What will happen then with the women who later want to try it? Positions of power have normally been occupied by men. And more at the time when Elizabeth created her company. For this reason, her figure had a greater impact. Not just for society. She but for the fight for women’s rights from feminism.

Amanda Seyfreid in The Dropout
Amanda Seyfreid in The Dropout.

Women in positions of power: increased scrutiny and responsibility

The responsibility of someone who gives life to a healthcare corporation is immense. The lives of the patients are in your hands. And that is why you must be more careful in your steps. Nevertheless, when we talk about women in positions of power, the responsibility extends to other dimensions.

And it is that, unfortunately, when a woman manages to reach a position of power she is subjected to greater scrutiny. How she dresses, how she acts, the mistakes she makes… the latter being, moreover, attributable to all the women who come after her. A reality as unfortunate as it is real.

As one of the characters in the series says. Phyllis Gardner, Ph.D. If Elizabeth Holmes’ company is a fraud, does a disservice to all women who want to become leaders or creators of companies.

In this aspect, it is where one of the greatest virtues of the approach of the series resides. Since the creator Elizabeth Meriwether has the ability to address the feminist movement and misogyny in the business world – but also in the private sphere – in an exceptional way.. Without leaving aside the main plot, but enriching it with small details that are essential.

Amanda Seyfreid in The Dropout
Amanda Seyfreid in The Dropout.

The Dropout: Amanda Seyfreid embroiders it as Elizabeth Holmes

The character of Elizabeth Holmes is as peculiar as it is creepy. With a very striking personality that lies in their tones of voice and way of acting. Regarding the tone of voice, this too is closely related to the glass ceiling. Given the public scrutiny pressures women to have more masculine appearances in order to be taken more seriously. But always without being too masculine. Always pending to stay in the balance without falling.

In the case of the creator of Theranos, the appearance of the voice and the physical appearance are perfectly represented in the series. Showing a bestial evolution. And this would have been impossible without the impeccable work of actress Amanda Seyfreid. She alone eats the whole series. Nothing more is needed.

Every scene where she is alone. Looking at the mirror. It is a piece of inestimable value for cinematography and television series. The hairs stand on end when you are enthralled with his interpretation. It’s impossible to take your eyes off the screen when Amanda Seyfreid appears. Always waiting for the next episode, and not disappointing in the slightest. An actress who, in my opinion, It has been very undervalued and in this series it more than demonstrates its great interpretive potential.

In addition, if you look at the real interviews with Elizabeth Holmes, the work of the actress is appreciated even more. And it is that it is perceived how she has studied the character point by point. Without leaving out any small detail. And literally getting under the skin of a very complex character.

The Dropout: The Rise and Fall of Elizabeth Holmes.
The Dropout: The rise and fall of Elizabeth Holmes.

The Dropout: One of the best miniseries based on real events, with one of the best performances

TV series that reconstruct real events are not new. It seems that the glass of imagination begins to empty. and it is necessary use real events to be able to bring quality series to the screen. Recently, Netflix has also released Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Storyabout a serial killer. Rugged themes that offer many narrative possibilities and ensure a larger audience.

Nevertheless, The Dropout deals with a topic that from a certain distance can be more tedious. Or even uninteresting. But the creator Elizabeth Meriwether has the brilliant ability to masterfully sketch it. Maintaining the interest of the audience without interruption. Something that of course is also possible thanks to the work of actress Amanda Seyfreid.

An 8-episode drama miniseries that ranks among the best. Placing next to her also the actress on that same list. In that of incommensurable interpretations. One of those that encourage you to watch the episodes again to, once again, delight yourself with each sequence where Amanda Seyfreid grabs onto Elizabeth Holmes and doesn’t let go until the last second. And let yourself be absorbed by that reflection in the mirror. In which, surely, the actress would not see herself. She but Elizabeth Holmes herself.

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