The dumbest things Hollywood stars have done while promoting movies

It is said, it is commented, it is rumored that the publicity campaign that accompanied the launch barbie This will be studied in the future in the Faculty of Marketing and Film. From the pink press tour, with margot robbie Even wearing all the iconic Mattel doll outfits dream house that can be rented in Malibu, Warner and LuckyChap Entertainment Dollars are thrown into a fully oiled machinery that knows how to exploit all the commercial potential of the brand Barbie.

Good or bad, mediocre or ambitious, these campaigns that accompany films are a story in themselves worth bringing to the big screen. While big studios and platforms are racking their brains to find global and original ways to sell their latest production in a market that is increasingly saturated with titles, the viewing public is finding their stars to be the most unrealistic of all kinds. Is forced into situations. their work.

The Hollywood strike has almost completely halted this promotional strategy. After all, the actors and actresses of their blockbusters are usually the absolute protagonists of these advertising works, the visible and recognizable faces of the product they want to sell.

Thus, we have decided to go down memory lane and relive the most absurd and ridiculous promotional initiatives that the current movie premiere has given us.

‘Suicide Squad’: Tattoos and Rats

real surprise face Harrison Ford All this said. After all, what was that person doing? margot robbie, Sitting next to him on the Graham Norton show, threatening to get a smiley face tattooed on his body? He is sitting next to Ryan Gosling to talk blade runner 2049, He was living in a surreal dystopia that Deckard wanted.

But no, that was the bitter truth, one of suicide squad, Causing a severe sense of alienation in many viewers, it came to be remembered as one of the most disturbing publicity stunts in Hollywood.

The actors and film crew – especially Robbie – had a well-known penchant for tattooing each other; So much so that Australians bought their own equipment to continue practicing with their loved ones.

To Graham Norton He lacked the time to uncover and test Gori’s (meager) abilities; Not with Harrison, but with a member of his show’s production department. We hope that guy was more than satisfied with his toe painting joel kinnaman with her tattoo Will Smith In suicide squad And which he has openly repented of.

The madness of this expedition does not end with tattoo ink: among the most commented and remembered filming anecdotes during the tour, the gifts of Jared Leto to get under the skin of Joker. While editors limited her screen time to five minutes, they gave rats to Margot Robbie. Of course, recently he wanted to clarify that the idea of ​​giving away used condoms was a lie, you should also not go overboard…

‘Hot Ones’, very spicy pun

The latest and most viewed star torture tool on sale? Program hot people, a channel location First we feast, operated by shaun evans, In which Hollywood’s most talented actors answer questions while tasting chicken wings drenched in a spicy sauce. The crying of neither water nor milk stops.

For now he has made people cry Selena Gomez, Matt Damon, Pedro Pascal, Tom Holland or Gal Gadot, andamong many others. The only one who emerged safe from this high-risk experiment for your taste Charlize Theron. Our favorite guest? Jennifer Lawrence, Who had to undergo penance during promotion Without bad roles.

“I don’t know if I’ll have the stamina required,” he warned shortly before starting to eat with Evans. During the conversation Lawrence talked about what it was like filming his last movie and attacked Method actors. But there came a time when the itch overcame her and the actress could only say: “Oh crap,” “I’m nervous,” or “I think I’m going to die.”

playing with puppies

favorite interview Chris Evans This is one of the most unexpected and fascinating in the current scenario, at least for the public. The interview is a euphemism because it’s really just an excuse for BuzzFeed to get clicks and stars (can’t go wrong), regardless of whether or not the guests are able to answer any questions.

Without going any further, the Captain America actor couldn’t remember what he was talking about among all the puppies. In their defense we would say that the distractions are various and striking: in addition to the irresistible appearance of the animals, they add their need to urinate or shit during the encounter or during the fights between them. (Ryan Gosling (He went out of his way to try to calm a particularly angry dog).

The plus point of this initiative is that, apart from being a weapon of virility, it seeks to encourage the adoption of puppies from shelters. Also, from time to time, the actors caution, they have fun conversations like this Margot Robbie and Gosling, In which the Australian mocks his companion for his younger years in order to spare Hercules his life.

“I hope people see this interview and come back young hercules, Or at least Google it,” Robbie said, but Ryan added, “I’m expecting the opposite.” “Google: ‘Ryan Gosling Young Hercules’ and see what comes up, because it’s amazing,” The Australian joked.

Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Celebrities Real Mean Tweets’

Actors and actresses of this time are reading cruel tweets about them. This may seem very ridiculous to you, but it should not be a dish of good taste to them, no matter how much the vast majority take it with a sense of humor. This venue jimmy kimmel It is one of its most recognized late night And one of the most shared on the network. Is it cruel? Does it work? Too.

Although some phrases may be funny and harmless, others are offensive and in very bad taste, so the program does not put much filter on users’ (often sexist) opinions. It’s a good thing to read the stars out loud to yourself “I’m sure Anne Hathaway’s vagina is weird”, “Gal Gadot? I wonder why that woman doesn’t have breasts” one of two “Jennifer Lawrence definitely gives a half-hearted handjob.”

James Corden and his vomit food

“What’s your least favorite Hugh Grant movie?”. It seems like an innocent question, until you do. Chris Pine And Grant is your partner. Dungeons and Dragons, in front of you. But if you avoid answering, you’ll have to eat some cow testicles. In this situation he used to put shed your courage or fill your courage, place in program james corden For your guests.

If we add to this uneasy situation that Pine and Grant are not two stars who particularly enjoy the promotional experience, it is not surprising that the Brit assured Corden: “I would love to be on your show. Regretfully.” What did Pine choose? You have it at minute 4:20 of the following video.

Ellen DeGeneres’ Follies

ok, yes, any presenter Talk Show one of two late night The American has a series of games in which he can entertain at the expense of his stars. But very few people have an arsenal like his. Ellen Degeneres. If you went to his show, the only certainty you had was that there was going to be some joke. At most, someone will come from a nearby and unexpected place to scare him; In the worst case, the presenter will call some ‘strippers’.

Meanwhile, you have to get ready, experience hidden cameras, choose your ideal partner from countless celebrities, play I never, Do all kinds of dances or subject yourself to the most uncomfortable quick questions. dakota johnson knew how to set boundaries; The rest, not so much.

Who insults better?

Who said subtle? We can blame the British for many things, but not for belittling bad luck. If stars have to be harassed in exchange for meetings, it is done openly and without any concern. This is what the people in charge of BBC Radio 1 must have thought, who came up with the brilliant idea of ​​developing Insult of the playground.

If the title of the spot doesn’t make it clear what the invited artists are doing, we’ll explain it to you: two artists sit face to face to insult each other in the middle of a movie promotion. Yes, insulting each other while holding back laughter. Luckily what happens in that recording studio stays in that recording studio… they’ve passed through Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt, Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin, and Scarlett Johansson and Chris Hemsworth.

Both of them had to go through this distraction on the occasion of the premiere of Avengers: Endgame (Don’t look for meaning). “Chris, you’re ugly,” began the North American, to which the Australian replied: “They say beauty is on the inside, and the inside of you is hideous.” “You’re a walking advertisement for Ann Taylor,” she retorted, “Do you know how to write your name? Because no one does,” He said. And they kept getting ahead of themselves.

‘Billy on the Street’

billy on the road Or the art of dragging celebrities through the streets of New York while pestering people with questions about them. comedian billy eichner It’s as pushy and politically incorrect as you can imagine, and that’s why it works.

like guests paul rudd Who enter the game and give everything (in the case of an actor). ant Man, He even lifts a passerby in his arms); and others like Chris Evans Joe tries not to lose his smile (even though the discomfort is visible on the screen) while Billy makes jokes about Martin Scorsese and Kevin Spacey.

then there are some also Emma Stone, Who keep that look, even if they confuse her with Emma Watson or complain La la Land While the presenter insists on becoming Instagram. Winning an Oscar and keeping doing so…

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