The duo of Hugo Pérez and Mauricio Cienfuegos begins

Mauricio Cienfuegos He begins a new stage in the national team, perhaps the most important in his career because he will have the function of being the technical assistant of the staff in charge of Hugo Pérez for this World Cup qualifier for the 2026 World Cup.
The objective is clear: Cienfuegos and Perez They trust in pooling their knowledge to qualify for the next World Cup and there is no other major objective that is in the short term.

“Chencho” was presented by the president of the Regularization Committee, Humberto Sánez, and will assume the position with a contract until December 2025.

At noon, the former national team appeared together with Hugo Pérez to start a new cycle in the country, after more than a decade away from Salvadoran soccer.

In his first statements, Cienfuegos thanked the opportunity, aware of the responsibility he now has to get a ticket to the World Cup that will be held in the United States, Canada and Mexico, which opens up more ticket possibilities for the blue and white.

“Thanks to Hugo because I did not imagine that he would call me at this point in my life. Since I retired I prepared myself and it’s already 19 years. He was already throwing in the towel and I didn’t think this opportunity would come.”said about his return to the country where he will reside in this period against the El Salvador team.

“Chencho” also commented that “it is the first time that I have been seriously invited to join as a coach. It has been a surprise and Hugo asked me to be his assistant. We talked about things that interested me in national soccer and we are passionate about soccer in the same way. In the end I told him that I am going with him to the death because it is a great opportunity to go to the World Cup ”, he added.

For his part, Hugo Pérez commented that “we bring a great person to our team and as a Salvadoran living in the United States, Mauricio is one of the most important people who came to play in MLS. It is an honor to be able to work with him

“We need people like him and he is a benchmark for our players. I thank you for adding him to this project”, said the blue and white coach who adds a new member to the coaching staff.


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